How much each English club earned from the Champions League in 21-22

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Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp fans after the Champions League Final loss to Real Madrid at the Stade de France, Paris. Saturday May 28, 2022.

The Champions League is the pinnacle of modern football, both in terms of prestige and money. Here, we break down how much each of the Premier League’s four entrants – Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United – earned from the competition in 2021-22.

As well as the prize money from the Premier League, which we broke down here, each of the four English clubs involved in the Champions League netted huge sums, which we are able to break down thanks to the fine work of Twitter’s very own football finance expert Swiss Ramble.

Every club to compete in the 2021-22 Champions League group stage received a guaranteed €15.6million, with each win in the group stage worth an additional €2.8million and each draw worth €930,000.

Beyond that, every stage was worth a significant sum, with each added to the last. Teams that qualified for the round of 16 received €9.6million, for the quarter-final, €10.6million, and for the semi-final, a further €12.5million.

The team that lost in the final – Liverpool, in 2021-22 – then added €15.5million to their total, while the winners Real Madrid banked €20million.

All of that is just the prize money for progress in the competition, with television money and coefficient money still to come.

Swiss Ramble estimates that €68.1million in TV revenue was shared between the four Premier League clubs in 2021-22, with half of that money split based on the four teams’ Premier League placing the previous season and the other half divvied up based on their progress in the 2021-22 Champions League.

Coefficient money, meanwhile, is relative to each club’s UEFA coefficient ranking, calculated based on their performance in UEFA competitions over the previous 10 seasons.

Deducted from all that was a relatively small rebate, handed back to TV companies for the reduced Champions League fixture schedule in the 2019-20 season, when the quarter and semi-finals were cut to one leg due to the Covid pandemic.

Arsene Wenger famously remarked in 2012 that finishing in the top four and qualifying for the Champions League was as important as winning a trophy. At the time, the sentiment caused an uproar. Looking at these numbers, though, you have to say Wenger was spot on.

So, here are the estimated totals earned by each of the Premier League’s four participants in the 2021-22 Champions League.


Participation: €15.6million
Prize money: €66.3million
TV pool: €17.1million
Coefficient: €22.7million
Rebate: -€4.1million
2021-22 total: €117.6million

Manchester City

Participation: €15.6million
Prize money: €44.8million
TV pool: €23.1million
Coefficient: €28.4million
Rebate: -€3.8million
2021-22 total: €108.2million


Participation: €15.6million
Prize money: €33.2million
TV pool: €11.3million
Coefficient: €33million
Rebate: -€3.2million
2021-22 total: €90million

Manchester United

Participation: €15.6million
Prize money: €20.5million
TV pool: €16.6million
Coefficient: €27.3million
Rebate: -€2.7million
2021-22 total: €77.3million

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