Chelsea manager Graham Potter looks on during their Premier League defeat to Newcastle United at St James' Park, Newcastle, November 2022.

Ranking every Chelsea manager since Ranieri by PPG: Potter last…

Chelsea have gone through plenty of managers over the past two decades but which of them has been the most successful? We’ve ranked all of them since Claudio Ranieri on their points per game (PPG) record to find out…

The most illustrious and successful of those 14 in terms of pure number of trophies is Jose Mourinho. But somewhat surprisingly, the Portuguese tactician does not come out on top when compared to the other 12 by their points per game.

Mourinho does make the top two, though, and is followed by two more Chelsea bosses who won Premier League titles at Stamford Bridge. Thomas Tuchel comes below Luis Felipe Scolari and the unloved Rafael Benitez.

At least Tuchel’s record marked a serious upturn in fortunes from his predecessor Frank Lampard, who does not fare well at all here.

In fairness, Lampard did have to contend with a transfer ban, but his legend will live on at the Bridge more for his achievements on the pitch in his playing pomp than off it as a manager.

The latest man to be ejected from the Stamford Bridge hot-seat, Graham Potter, has the lowest points per game record of any Chelsea boss since the turn of the millennium.

But how do all 14 permanent head coaches at Chelsea in the past 20 years compare, though? We’ve had a look at their records in the Premier League for the Blues and worked out their average points per game based on those results.

Here’s how they all rank. Where tied on points per game, we have placed them by their win rate. You might be surprised by a few of the positions…

14. Graham Potter

Games: 22
Win rate: 31.8%
Points per game (PPG): 1.27

13. Frank Lampard

Games: 57
Win rate: 49%
Points per game (PPG): 1.67

12. Andre Villas-Boas

Games: 27
Win rate: 48%
PPG: 1.70


11. Claudio Ranieri

Games: 146
Win rate: 52%
PPG: 1.82

10. Roberto Di Matteo

Games: 23
Win rate: 52%
PPG: 1.83

9. Maurizio Sarri

Games: 38
Win rate: 55%
PPG: 1.89

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8. Guus Hiddink

Games: 34
Win rate: 53%
PPG: 1.94

7. Thomas Tuchel

Games: 63
Win rate: 56%
PPG: 1.94

6. Luis Felipe Scolari

Games: 25
Win rate: 56%
PPG: 1.96

5. Rafael Benitez

Games: 26
Win rate: 58%
PPG: 1.96

4. Carlo Ancelotti

Games: 76
Win rate: 63%
PPG: 2.07

3. Antonio Conte

Games: 76
Win rate: 67%
PPG: 2.14

2. Jose Mourinho

Games: 211
Win rate: 66%
PPG: 2.19

1. Avram Grant

Games: 33
Win rate: 67%
PPG: 2.24

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