Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy watches on after making a save during the UEFA Champions League match between Juventus and Chelsea, September 2021.

Comparing Mendy’s PL stats for Chelsea with Cech and Courtois

Edouard Mendy has established himself as one of the world’s best goalkeepers at Chelsea, winning the Champions League and pulling off some incredible saves – but how does he compare to Chelsea’s title-winning goalkeepers of recent years?

Petr Cech and Thibaut Courtois not only lifted the Premier League title at Stamford Bridge but represented an excellent last line of defence and inspired confidence from both their team-mates and the Chelsea supporters.

We’ve crunched their Premier League numbers to see which of these three excellent goalkeepers has performed the best for Chelsea.

Edouard Mendy

Starts: 38
Appearances: 38
Wins: 22
Draws: 8
Losses: 8

Win rate: 57.9%
Loss rate: 21.1%

Clean sheets: 20
Goals conceded: 28
Minutes per goals conceded: 120.5

Petr Cech

Starts: 332
Appearances: 332
Wins: 219
Draws: 66
Losses: 47

Win rate: 64.2%
Loss rate: 14.2%

Clean sheets: 166
Goals conceded: 242
Minutes per goals conceded: 122.8

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Thibaut Courtois

Starts: 126
Appearances: 126
Wins: 77
Draws: 28
Losses: 21

Win rate: 61.1%
Loss rate: 16.6%

Clean sheets: 49
Goals conceded: 121
Minutes per goals conceded: 92.6

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