Inter Miami team co-owner and former soccer star David Beckham, right, smiles as Inter Miami's and Argentina's national team player Lionel Messi receives the 2023 Ballon d'Or trophy from during the 67th Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball) award ceremony at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, France, Monday, Oct. 30, 2023.

Comparing the stats from Lionel Messi’s 8 Ballon d’Or-winning years

Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or award a record-stretching eight times throughout his peerless career – which led us to compare his stats from each of his award-winning years.

Messi, who first won the award in 2009, has been remarkably consistent over the last 13 years and has shown no signs of slowing down – even if he doesn’t appear on the shortlist for this year’s award.

“It’s nice to be here once more to enjoy this moment,” Messi said when picking up the latest award.

“To be able to win the World Cup and achieve my dream.”

Using data from Messi Stats, we’ve taken a look at his stats for club and country in each of the eight years he’s received the Ballon d’Or award. We’ve also included his stats from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for which his role in Argentina’s triumph proved pivotal in winning his eighth golden ball.


Games: 64
Starts: 52
Sub appearances: 12

Goals: 41
Assists: 15

Penalties scored: 5

Minutes per goal: 123.2
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 140.4
Minutes per goal or assist: 90.2


Games: 64
Starts: 57
Sub appearances: 7

Goals: 60
Assists: 17

Penalties scored: 1

Minutes per goal: 88.7
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 90.2
Minutes per goal or assist: 69.1

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Games: 70
Starts: 67
Sub appearances: 3

Goals: 59
Assists: 36

Penalties scored: 8

Minutes per goal: 104.7
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 121.2
Minutes per goal or assist: 65


Games: 69
Starts: 65
Sub appearances: 4

Goals: 91
Assists: 22

Penalties scored: 14

Minutes per goal: 65.6
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 77.5
Minutes per goal or assist: 52.8


Games: 61
Starts: 57
Sub appearances: 4

Goals: 52
Assists: 26

Penalties scored: 8

Minutes per goal: 100.8
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 119.1
Minutes per goal or assist: 67.2


Games: 58
Starts: 51
Sub appearances: 7

Goals: 50
Assists: 18

Penalties scored: 8

Minutes per goal: 93.6
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 11.4
Minutes per goal or assist: 68.8


Games: 61
Starts: 58
Sub appearances: 3

Goals: 43
Assists: 18

Penalties scored: 6

Minutes per goal: 123.1
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 143.1
Minutes per goal or assist: 86.8


Games: 42
Starts: 39
Sub appearances: 38

Goals: 12
Assists: 28

Penalties scored: 0

Minutes per goal: 125.8
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 125.8
Minutes per goal or assist: 88.0

*2022 World Cup

Games: 7
Starts: 7
Sub appearances: 0

Goals: 7
Assists: 3

Penalties scored: 4

Minutes per goal: 98.5
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 230
Minutes per goal or assist: 69

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