Composite image of Manchester United winger Antony and Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, both playing in the Premier League in 2022.

Comparing Man United and Man City’s total net spends since 2008

After watching their team struggle on the pitch in recent years, Manchester United fans have been highly critical of the Glazer family and their lack of investment. 

In comparison, Manchester City have spent hundreds of millions since the Sheikh Mansour takeover, and have established themselves as the best team in the world.

Speaking in August 2022, United legend Gary Neville said: “These owners, since Sir Alex Ferguson left, have proven that they cannot manage a forward-thinking football club. It has been overtaken in every single department and it is painful and woeful…

“My point is, at this moment in time, there has been a toxic culture and atmosphere created at the club over a 10-year period, without its leaders, Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill, who were propping the club up while the [Glazer] family were sat in America glorifying the fact that they were part of it.

“We are now seeing what has happened without those two and leadership. It is a mess and it cannot carry on.”

Even with Erik ten Hag now in charge and performances improving once again, many United fans would strongly agree with Neville’s sentiment and have made their feelings clear with noteworthy protests over the last couple of years.

The feeling of despair is only heightened by the success they see across town at the Etihad. Since being purchased by the Abu Dhabi royal family in 2008, City have gone from strength to strength and won the treble in 2022-23.

Whatever you think of the ownership, it is impossible to deny their competence. City have used their vast resources wisely to win six Premier League titles and a slew of domestic cups over the past decade and a bit.

Courtesy of Transfermarkt, we’ve looked at United’s and City’s net spends since the summer of 2008 to see how the two clubs compare.


Man Utd – £34million
Man City – £117.7million


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Man Utd – £69.4m profit
Man City – £104.7m


Man Utd – £10.8m
Man City – £129.1m


Man Utd – £43.6m
Man City – £53.9m


Man Utd – £60.1m
Man City – £15.9m

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Man Utd – £67.8m
Man City – £94.2m


Man Utd – £131.5m
Man City – £65m


Man Utd – £48.5m
Man City – £126.7m


Man Utd – £123.9m
Man City – £161.7m


Man Utd – £137.6m
Man City – £203.5m


Man Utd – £46.9m
Man City – £18.9m


Man Utd – £120.2m
Man City – £88m


Man Utd – £61.6m
Man City – £91.5m


Man Utd – £98.4m
Man City – £36.6m


Man Utd – £206m
Man City – £18.4m profit

Total net spend:

Man Utd – £1.1215billion
Man City – £1.2708billion

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