Comparing Pochettino’s record with Tottenham to the last 8 Chelsea managers

A curveball in the eyes of many and a dagger to the heart of Tottenham fans everywhere, Mauricio Pochettino looks set to join the dark side and accept a role as permanent Chelsea manager, replacing the dismissed Graham Potter.

In a truly chaotic first full season at the helm for the club’s new ownership group, fronted by Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali, Chelsea have gone from the pride of London in the eyes of many, to the laughing stock of European football. In less than a season. Quite impressive, really.

A fresh outlook on running the club less ruthlessly and more progressively has seen two managers sacked, Chelsea nowhere near the race for the top four, the squad in dire straights despite spending endless millions of pounds, and no top manager keen on taking the job – except Pochettino.

In a twist of fate from the status quo of Spurs hiring former Chelsea managers, what better time than now to see how Poch’s Tottenham record matches up against that of those who stood before him at Stamford Bridge? We’ve compared his record to the last eight permanent Chelsea managers below.

Pochettino’s record as Tottenham manager

Let’s first establish how the Argentine performed over in north London during his five-year stay.

Games: 293
Win rate: 54.27%
Points per game (PPG): 1.84

Not bad. Many argue that Pochettino found his level in overachieving with Tottenham, before going onto endure a difficult spell as manager of Paris Saint-Germain.

Assuming that is no fun, though. And he’s still only 51. Despite the apparent identity crisis, he hasn’t even begun to peak. Time will tell if that comes at Chelsea.

1. Graham Potter (2022-23)

Games: 31
Win rate: 39%
PPG: 1.42

Oh, Graham. Too much to soon. Chewed up and spat out by the vicious entity that is Chelsea. It wasn’t meant to be this way.

Admittedly he has a much smaller sample size, but that’s because he simply couldn’t find the results to buy himself time. Pochettino can’t do any worse than this – especially being his replacement.

2. Thomas Tuchel (2021-22)

Games: 63
Win rate: 56%
PPG: 1.94

Fun fact – Pochettino is two years older than Thomas Tuchel. No, really. Being a pretty successful manager with a tendency for it to blow up in your face come the end of your tenure must take it’s toll on you.

Poch’s main job will be to win over the section of Chelsea’s support that still insist on singing the German’s name. If he can do that, he’s doing alright.

3. Frank Lampard (2019-21)

Games: 57
Win rate: 49%
PPG: 1.67

Not taking into account his current second spell as caretaker manager, the fairytale managerial appointment Chelsea started somewhat well but quickly became sour.

Very simply, Lampard was ultimately out of his depth. And in comparison to him, Poch’s free-flowing, high-octane football ought to bring more success and fun uncle vibes. He should better this.

4. Maurizio Sarri (2018-19)

Games: 38
Win rate: 55%
PPG: 1.89

If you can look past the chewing cigarettes on the touchline and that very public argument he had with Kepa in the League Cup final, Sarri’s reign at Chelsea wasn’t actually too bad. Third in the Premier League, Europa League winners and attractive football.

But that Kepa issue… ouch. Worst part is, he’s still at the club. Pochettino needs a serious back bone to stamp his authority early on this squad. That could be the difference between himself and the Italian.

5. Antonio Conte (2016-18)

Games: 76
Win rate: 57%
PPG: 2.14

Comparing the parallels between Conte’s spell at Chelsea and then Tottenham, with Pochettino’s spell at Tottenham and later down the line Chelsea will be fascinating.

A real test of what kind of manager they both are, where they thrive and how each club is run. This one could be a very intriguing measuring stick in a few years’ time.

6. Jose Mourinho (2004-07, 2013-15)

Games: 211
Win rate: 66%
PPG: 2.19

Across two spells, Mourinho cemented his legacy as Chelsea’s greatest manager by making the side to beat in England – not that he ever mentions it, or anything.

But you can afford to be arrogant when you’re as successful as this. Pochettino couldn’t be anymore different from Mourinho if he tried, but Chelsea fans won’t care as long as he’s winning.

7. Andre Villas-Boas (2011-12)

Games: 27
Win rate: 48%
PPG: 1.70

It all proved to be too much, too soon for young Villas-Boas, who has never quite recovered from that spell at Chelsea.

He then went to Spurs and again fell on his face. It won’t be hard for Pochettino to better his legacy.

8. Carlo Ancelotti (2009-11)

Games: 76
Win rate: 63%
PPG: 2.07

It feels as though Ancelotti’s spell at Chelsea is overlooked these days. He did incredibly well in a job where the pressure was firmly on.

A lot has changed since then, however, and Pochettino is walking into an entirely different club. One with way too many first-team players, too.

Good luck bettering Don Carlo, Poch.

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