Comparing Timo Werner’s first season at Chelsea to Drogba, Torres, Costa…

Chelsea have invested a lot of money in strikers in the Roman Abramovich era, with an infamously mixed record when it comes to their record at Stamford Bridge. 

Timo Werner is the latest striker in a long line of forwards that have arrived with a stellar reputation and strong goalscoring record overseas, but he’s endured a frustrating debut campaign with the Blues, blemished by a tendency to miss big chances.

But how does his record compare to the best and worst of Chelsea’s big-name strikers in the Abramovich era? Here’s how his record in all competitions in 2020-21 compares to the debut seasons of Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, Fernando Torres, Diego Costa and Alvaro Morata. For Torres, who arrived midway through 2010-11, we’ve gone for his first full season.

Timo Werner (2020-21)

Games: 44
Starts: 36
Sub appearances: 8

Minutes per goal: 290
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 398
Minutes per goal or assist: 138

Didier Drogba (2004-05)

Games: 41
Starts: 30
Sub appearances: 11

Minutes per goal: 169
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 169
Minutes per goal or assist: 112

Andriy Shevchenko (2006-07)

Games: 51
Starts: 41
Sub appearances: 10

Minutes per goal: 244
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 244
Minutes per goal or assist: 142

Fernando Torres (2011-12)

Games: 49
Starts: 32
Sub appearances: 17

Minutes per goal: 276
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 276
Minutes per goal or assist: 112

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Diego Costa (2014-15)

Games: 37
Starts: 32
Sub appearances: 5

Minutes per goal: 147
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 154
Minutes per goal or assist: 117

Alvaro Morata (2017-18)

Games: 48
Starts: 30
Sub appearances: 18

Minutes per goal: 186
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 186
Minutes per goal or assist: 133