5 celebrity football fans that were truly cursed: Kim K, Drake, Jagger…

Football is the most popular sport in the world and it’s no surprise to see celebrities taking in a game – but some have become known as bad luck omens.

Big names from the world of music, film and television have rushed to be associated with football. but their presence hasn’t always been welcome once results begin to dip.

We’ve identified five household names that have cursed whichever team they’ve gone to support.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian has a claim to being the most famous woman on Earth – although what that says about our species remains open for debate – and the American reality star has been spotted at a string of football matches this month.

She was seen at Arsenal’s Europa League match with Sporting Lisbon alongside her son Saint, recording the Gunners’ penalty shoot-out defeat on her phone.

And talk of the ‘Kim K curse’ solidified following her appearance at PSG’s reverse against Rennes days later; the Ligue 1 leaders hadn’t lost at home in 715 days before she darkened the door at the Parc des Princes.

Her children also had their photographs taken with Dele Alli, although it’s a stretch to blame his decline on Kanye West’s ex.


Despite being one of the biggest names on the planet, Drake is one of the most cursed individuals ever to align themselves with the beautiful game.

The Canadian rapper took selfies with players from Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Manchester United and PSG during a European tour in 2019, which caused all of the clubs involved to suffer unexpected setbacks.

And Drake has also jinxed Conor McGregor and Serena Williams in the past. Somebody change the locks!

Uri Geller

In 1997, Geller placed ‘energy-infused’ crystals behind the goals at Exeter’s ground to help the club win a crucial end-of-season game. They lost 5-1.

Five years later, he bought the cash-strapped club and staged a bizarre fundraising event with cameo appearances from David Blaine and Michael Jackson.

Jacko agreed to help out his friend on the condition that the Exeter chairman brought along some ‘sick kids from hospitals’ and gave half of the money raised to ‘children with Aids’ – although he did correctly predict England’s win over Denmark in that summer’s World Cup.

Meanwhile, the spoon-bending Geller cheerfully oversaw Exeter’s relegation from the Football League the following May.

Mick Jagger

Sir Mick’s curse began at France ’98, when he attended England’s dramatic defeat against Argentina.

And The Rolling Stones frontman saw his bad juju continue at the 2010 World Cup where the three teams he supported – Brazil, England and the USA – were all eliminated in his presence.

His curse is so prolific that even the Brazilians have a nickname for him, dubbing him ‘pe frio’, which means ‘cold foot’ and is a term for someone who brings bad luck with them.

Happily, Jagger was present for England’s semi-final win over Denmark at Euro 2020. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone outed himself as an Everton fan in 2007, parading around Goodison Park with a scarf proudly aloft before The Toffees dropped points against Reading.

And not even a half-time message from the Hollywood actor could inspire Everton to victory over West Brom eight years later. It remains unconfirmed whether Rocky has seen the club win in person.

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