Darwin Nunez does what he wants.

10 of Darwin Nunez’s funniest moments from fighting thin air to absurd finishes…

Darwin Nunez is a great footballer, and has the potential to be an exceptional one. But he’s also perhaps the funniest striker on the planet, for a multitude of reasons.

When your club parts with potentially as much as £85million to sign a centre forward, it’s not usually a good sign if their defining quality is that they’re hilarious. With Nunez, though, you cant help but love him and cut him as much slack as possible.

We’re fully confident that the 24-year-old will eventually fulfil that potential, so for the time being, we thought we’d celebrate Nunez the comedian. Here are 10 moments that have us keeled over with laughter.

Weird finishes

Normally, Darwin favours shooting early, shooting hard, and shooting from anywhere. What was going through the synapses of his brain when he decided to score this glorious chip against Brentford, then, we have no idea. Could’ve squared it, could’ve passed it into the bottom corner.

F*ck it, chips for dinner.

Picking fights he can’t win

Nunez’s inconsistent finishing has long been the butt of the joke, which while a bit cruel, makes moments like this all the more laughable.

Goes in for a shove and can’t even hit the target there. It writes itself.

The most chaotic goal ever scored

If there was ever a sequence of play that summarised Nunez, it was *that* goal against Bournemouth. Poetic.

Fiery personality

He misses handshakes, too.

Failed historian

Should probably scrub up on the history of his employers – as soon as possible.

The most chaotic chance ever missed

Think the Bournemouth goal, but flipped on its head.

Nunez produces a dazzling run to evade the defenders and then rounds the keeper beautifully for an empty net, only to miss said empty net and hit the post.

Salah’s protector

There’s no reason why this image should be as hilarious as it is, but we can’t stop chuckling at it.

Mohamed Salah looks pleased as ever to receive an award, while Nunez is stood beside him topless, with a facial expression to suggest he’s about to go to war.

Has he got two imaginary rolls of carpet under those arms?

Stealing mince pies from Jim Royle

Darwin Nunez and Jim from The Royle Family. A crossover we would’ve never seen coming in a million years, but a crossover we’re ecstatic about nonetheless.

This really is football heritage.


Seeing red on Anfield debut

Nunez didn’t even see out an hour on his first Premier League appearance at Anfield upon signing for Liverpool, losing his rag and throwing his head towards Joachim Andersen in fantastic fashion.

Looks like he thought it was a boxing face-off.

Dental expert

If it doesn’t work out as a footballer, Nunez can always revert to his fallback career in dentistry – or being the hypeman in the dentist, at least.

Calvin Ramsay wasn’t sneaking his new set of gnashers past the Uruguayan.

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