Eight things we loved this weekend: Klavan, Hodgson, Carragher & more

Quick Reads

Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid and, erm, Cowdenbeath players all caught our eye this weekend – although not all for the right reasons.

Ragnar Klavan

We’ve never seen a footballer go Blue Steel before. We never expected the first one to be Ragnar Klavan.

Happy birthday by the way, big guy.

Roy & Slav

A picture truly does say a thousand words.

England Under-17s

Yet another momentous achievement from an England youth team to cap off a truly exceptional 2017.

Bring on the crushing disappointment of 2018.

Puel & Carragher

Spare a thought for Claude Puel, who wasn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, to struggle to understand Jamie Carragher.


If you’re going to be the best, you need to beat the best, and Isco is showing no mercy in teaching his son some hard truths of the game with this nutmeg.

Jordan Garden

And the award for the most bizarre penalty you will ever see conceded goes to Cowdenbeath’s Jordan Garden.

Kevin De Bruyne

OK, technically this is from last week, but we’ve only just seen this footage of Kevin de Bruyne asking for 19-year-old Wolves midfielder Connor Ronan’s shirt.

It’s really hard not to love him.

Declan Appau

At the age of 18, Declan Appau was just 14 minutes into the first start of his senior career when he did this for Woking in the National League.

Fair enough, mate.

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