Emmanuel Adebayor spent the wkend making ‘ya mum’ jokes to Arsenal fans

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It’s fair to say that Emmanuel Adebayor isn’t the most popular footballer among Arsenal fans.

For one season in particular, Adebayor was a hero to Gunners fans as he scored 30 goals in all competitions in 2007-08.

But the relationship between player and supporters quickly deteriorated after the striker joined the Arsenal exodus at Manchester City.

And then matters boiled over when Adebayor celebrated scoring for City against Arsenal by running the length of the field to taunt their support, in a match in which he also booted Robin van Persie in the face.

Since then, it’s probably best you don’t mention Adebayor’s name to Arsenal supporters unless you’re deliberately trying to make them fume.

And there is clearly no love lost between the two parties, with the 35-year-old spending his weekend making ‘your mum’ jokes at the expense of Arsenal fans on his Instagram page.

Fair play, Emmanuel. Fair play.

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