Comparing the stats of Chelsea’s 6 midfield targets: Fernandez, Rice…

Chelsea have been heavily linked with a move for Enzo Fernandez, although as that deal seems to have hit the breaks they are now considering alternative targets.

It’s no secret that the Chelsea midfield is in need of a shake-up and Todd Boehly seems to be planning on bringing in a statement signing in this area.

Fabrizio Romano provided the latest update on the situation as it now seems as if Chelsea will look elsewhere for a midfielder as their negotiators with Benfica have collapsed.

He explained on his YouTube channel: “In the last 48 hours Chelsea and Benfica had two meetings, two direct meetings to discuss all the details of the deal, but then the negotiation is off as of now.

“We never know in football, let’s see if Chelsea decide to return to try a different kind of strategy, but as of now Chelsea and Benfica are no longer speaking and there is no new meeting scheduled between the two clubs.”

Missing out on Fernandez would be a real blow for Chelsea as they identified him as a key target after his successful World Cup, but they do have other names in mind.

David Ornstein outlined Chelsea’s current transfer plans and laid out their alternative midfield targets. He told the Athletic YouTube channel: “They’re only going to pay what they’re comfortable with.

“So when you see the release clause reported at €127million and you see suggestions that Chelsea are going to pay that, or pay even more – we’ve got to be careful there, because Chelsea will pay what they feel is right.

“If they get the right value in this market, they’ll do it. If they have to wait until the summer, they’ll do it then. If they have to walk away, they’ll walk away. And they do have other options, I think that’s important to stress.

“Chelsea, I would expect to sign at least one midfielder, whether it’s now or in the summer. They love Jude Bellingham as well. They’ve got other options too – the likes of Declan Rice, Alexis Mac Allister, Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia.”

With Chelsea’s other targets in mind, we’ve crunched the numbers and compared how their stats rack up against Fernandez for the 2022-23 season. We’ve taken at look at Chelsea’s six midfield targets and taken a look to see how their league output stack up against one another.


Alexis Mac Allister – 5
Jude Bellingham – 3
Enzo Fernandez – 1
Declan Rice – 1
Moises Caicedo – 1
Romeo Lavia – 1


Enzo Fernandez – 3
Jude Bellingham – 2
Declan Rice – 2
Moises Caicedo – 1
Alexis Mac Allister – 0
Romeo Lavia – 0

Minutes per goal or assist

Alexis Mac Allister – 257.0
Jude Bellingham – 270.0
Enzo Fernandez – 280.0
Declan Rice – 540.0
Romeo Lavia – 623
Moises Caicedo – 714

Chances created per 90 minutes

Enzo Fernandez – 2.0
Declan Rice – 1.2
Moises Caicedo – 1.1
Jude Bellingham – 1.0
Alexis Mac Allister – 0.9
Romeo Lavia – 0.4

Successful dribbles per 90 minutes (success rate)

Jude Bellingham – 2.0 (46.5%)
Romeo Lavia – 1 (53%)
Declan Rice – 0.6 (50%)
Alexis Mac Allister – 0.7 (44.4%)
Enzo Fernandez – 0.3 (33%)
Moises Caicedo – 0.3 (35.7%)

Passes per 90 minutes (passing accuracy)

Enzo Fernandez – 106.7 (89.3%)
Declan Rice – 61.4 (90.4%)
Moises Caicedo – 58.6 (87.7%)
Alexis Mac Allister – 58.2 (88.9%)
Jude Bellingham – 51.9 (82.5%)
Romeo Lavia – 40 (87.7%)

Doha, Qatar, 13th December 2022. Enzo Fernandez of Argentina enjoys the win during the FIFA World Cup 2022 match at Lusail Stadium, Doha.

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Successful tackles per 90 minutes (success rate)

Jude Bellingham – 3.2 (91.4%)
Moises Caicedo – 3 (85.5%)
Declan Rice – 2.3 (89.1%)
Enzo Fernandez – 2.2 (62.9%)
Romeo Lavia – 2.2 (71.4%)
Alexis Mac Allister – 1.6 (81.8%)

Shots per 90 minutes (inside penalty area)

Enzo Fernandez – 2.2 (0.5)
Jude Bellingham – 2.1 (1.1)
Declan Rice – 1.2 (0.2)
Alexis Mac Allister – 1.1 (0.7)
Moises Caicedo – 0.8 (0.2)
Romeo Lavia – 0.6 (0.0)

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