Every Premier League club’s January net spend over the past 10 years

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Over the past 10 seasons, Manchester City have a net spend of £135million during the January transfer window, almost three times the number of Tottenham and nine times the number of local rivals Manchester United.

New figures from UK job board CV-Library have found that the ‘big six’ – Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs – are responsible for over half (56%) of all January expenditure across the past 10 seasons.

Looking at the total 10-year spend of any side, Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea have forked out an eye-watering £250million on new recruits since the 2006-2007 season.

The Blues, however, only have a modest net spend of £6million due to recouping over £240million thanks to the sales of the likes of Oscar, Juan Mata and Andre Schurrle.

The Premier League’s Big Six’s net spend across the past 10 seasons:

Club Net spend Income Expenditure
Man City £135,095,000 £50,525,000 £185,620,000
Tottenham £47,375,000 £64,405,000 £111,780,000
Arsenal £42,482,920 £13,106,080 £55,589,000
Man Utd £14,430,000 £58,800,000 £73,230,000
Chelsea £6,030,000 £243,370,000 £249,400,000
Liverpool £3,226,000 £104,504,000 £107,730,000

In comparison, London rivals Tottenham have a net spend of almost £50million despite spending less than half that of their blue counterparts.

North London competitors Arsenal chart fifth on the overall list with a net spend of £42million, with their biggest outlay going towards diminutive Russian Andrey Arshavin in the 2008-2009 season.

Stoke City come in third overall due to the modest income they have received through player sales. The Potters have sold 28 players to the tune of £11million, an average cost of just £409,000 per player –  the lowest of any current Premier League side that has spent a full season in the league and in stark contrast to Chelsea who average a whopping £11million per player sold.

Newly-promoted Huddersfield Town have spent and received the least out of all 20 Premier League clubs – the Terriers have dished out £4million on players since the 2006-2007 season, almost three times less than closest rivals Brighton (£11million), and only 6% of the average expenditure across the whole league.

Only four Premier League clubs have a positive net spend, with Newcastle United substantially leading the way through a profit of over £30million. Watford, Swansea and West Bromwich Albion all follow the Magpies but are still over £11million less combined.

The complete expenditure, income and net spend for all 20 Premier League sides across the past 10 January transfer windows:

Club Net spend Income Expenditure
Man City £135,095,000 £50,525,000 £185,620,000
Tottenham £47,375,000 £64,405,000 £111,780,000
Stoke City £46,939,000 £11,454,000 £58,393,000
Crystal Palace £44,718,000 £20,054,000 £64,772,000
Arsenal £42,482,920 £13,106,080 £55,589,000
West Ham £33,555,000 £41,420,000 £74,975,000
Burnley £32,975,000 £2,435,000 £35,410,000
Leicester £30,525,000 £19,350,000 £49,875,000
Southampton £27,477,000 £14,580,000 £42,057,000
Bournemouth £20,418,000 £4,735,000 £25,153,000
Everton £20,412,000 £40,176,000 £60,588,000
Man Utd £14,430,000 £58,800,000 £73,230,000
Brighton £7,557,000 £4,243,000 £11,800,000
Chelsea £6,030,000 £243,370,000 £249,400,000
Liverpool £3,226,000 £104,504,000 £107,730,000
Huddersfield £3,032,000 £982,000 £4,014,000
West Brom (£4,343,000) £28,636,000 £24,293,000
Swansea City (£7,084,000) £49,275,000 £42,191,000
Watford (£7,387,000) £56,539,000 £49,152,000
Newcastle Utd (£30,370,000) £94,860,000 £64,490,000

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