Every world-record transfer since 1990: From Baggio to Neymar

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This week marks the 27th anniversary of Juventus breaking the world transfer record to sign Roberto Baggio from Fiorentina.

The £8million move was incredibly controversial given the rivalry between the two clubs – and it only went on to increase the intrigue around Serie A, as the league became the best in the world during the 1990s, so much so that the record was broken another three times by Italian clubs in the next two years.

A lot has changed since then. La Liga has taken over from Serie A as Europe’s strongest league – and betting odds for UEFA Champions League make Real Madrid favourites to beat Juventus later this month, which would make it seven years without an Italian winner – while the record has been surpassed 15 times in total since Baggio sparked outrage in Florence.

From Alan Shearer to Cristiano Ronaldo, there really has been some gems – as well as a couple of flops – and we’ve looked back at all the world record signings since Juventus nearly started an Italian war by capturing Il Divin Codino.

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