Everything you need to know about Ronaldinho’s cryptocurrency

You could watch the World Cup final on Sunday – or you could invest in the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin, a new cryptocurrency endorsed by the former Brazil star.

Cryptocurrency is all the rage, so it makes perfect sense that former footballer Ronaldinho is joining the market in his post-playing career.

Where once he glided past Sergio Ramos and Iván Helguera to rapturous applause, soon the Brazilian will be gliding across peer-to-peer networks and blockchain infrastructure. We’re fine with that, and you should be too.

On July 6, a company called WSC (World Soccer Coin) announced the launch of a “revolutionary soccer business” in cooperation with Ronaldinho.

Offering both “digital and real services”, WSC says it plans to use a token called the “Ronaldinho Soccer Coin” (RSC) to build “Digital Stadiums”, do stuff with virtual reality, help underprivileged children and facilitate e-commerce.

It all sounds perfectly straightforward, but before you spend all your hard-earned cash on Ronaldinho Soccer Coins — and we’re by no means saying you shouldn’t — here are a few important facts about the new cryptocurrency.

1. WSC has big ambitions

With blockchain as the “bedrock” of its project, WSC says the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin will be used for several wide-reaching football endeavours.

One of those is the Ronaldinho Super League, a football tournament “open to all players from around the world including both professionals and amateurs.”

Another is the creation of so-called “digital” stadiums — real-world grounds with the technology to record and analyse player performance.

According to WSC, Ronaldinho Digital Stadiums will be developed in 300 locations around the world, with construction plans already “confirmed” for over 10 locations.

2. Ronaldinho will host some FIFA tournaments

WSC says it plans to work with video game companies in order to host e-Sports leagues and tournaments.

“Events hosted by famous soccer players such as Ronaldinho will be held,” it adds.

3. The company is registered at a small apartment in Malta

Plug the full WSC address (Kathleen Court Flat 1, Triq Il-Kappucini Zabbar, Malta) into Google Maps and you’ll come out empty-handed. Google has no record of a “Kathleen Court”.

A web search for “Kathleen Court”, however, gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

A 2012 document from The Malta Government Gazette shows that Kathleen Court — one of several addresses in the Zabbar area previously without a proper street number — has been assigned number 332 on a street called Triq Ix-Xghajra, actually perpendicular to Kappucini.

It looks like this:

Note, if you like, that the house on the right is named “Anfield”.

4. Several other companies are registered at the same address

It might not look like Silicon Valley, but Kathleen Court Flat 1 is also home to several other companies, including DAICO LTD, registered April 2018; Aleico Freedom Factory LTD, registered July 2018; and Dtsocialize LTD, also registered July 2018.

The office will be more crowded than Real Madrid’s penalty area in the 2005 El Clásico.

5. Ronaldinho’s statement doesn’t have anything to do with cryptocurrency

It’s easy to skim over generic statements written by an endorsing celebrity, but Ronaldinho’s testimony about WSC is interesting — because it is wholly at odds with the company’s stated goals.

Some details about Ronaldinho’s early life and football career are followed by this passage:

Soccer has always been a part of my life. Also, I have a passion for music. Soccer and music crosses borders, language, time and is a common culture across the world. From now, out of gratitude, I want to deliver dreams, hope and smiles to people around the world through soccer and music.

There is no mention of music anywhere else on the WSC website.

6. WSC actually has two websites

It looks like this is the current version, but there’s much to admire on this one as well.

“We’ve got what you need!” the elder version proclaims, adding that it is, helpfully, “familiar with football”.

Considering WSC has an actual Ballon d’Or winner on board, that seems like one of its more conservative claims.

7. It’s fine because there will be charitable stuff

WSC seems keen on using words like “smile” and “joy” as it describes various charitable initiatives associated with its cryptocurrency.

According to the Maltese company, something called the “Smile Project” will provide football equipment to children and create facilities for the disabled.

8. The RSC goes on sale this Sunday

A total of 350 million Ronaldinho Soccer Coins will be issued. A private sale is scheduled for July 15, with the first crowd sale on August 6.

The token is obviously well worth your investment, and WSC has — generously, it must be said — targeted its product at those with limited means.

“RSC will be available to anyone,” the company says in its promotional video. “Regardless of location or income level, you have access to a product of the exact same quality.”

Honestly, we don’t doubt that for a second.

By Benedict O’Neill

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