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14 of Fabrizio Romano’s Photoshop disasters that are crimes against graphic design

Fabrizio Romano is the go-to guy for transfer news for an entire generation of football fans – but the riches Romano has accumulated through his insider knowledge have evidently not been re-invested in his graphics team.

Romano’s Twitter and YouTube channels are must-follows for eager supporters, desperate for updates on their club’s transfer dealings during the fallow summer months.

But the Italian journalist is also establishing a reputation for thoroughly terrible images, created by Photoshop, that would give children of an uneasy disposition nightmares for weeks.

We’ve made a collection of some of the worst offences against graphic design committed in the name of Romano and the transfer window.

Aymeric Laporte


Jordan Henderson

Romano has made both Henderson and Steve Gerrard look like two-fifths of a police line-up here.

Lazar Samardzic

Did Romano fire his Photoshop guy and ask someone to paint this?

Robert Sanchez

We’re presuming the guy that commissioned this has been sentenced to a lifetime in Twitter jail.

Andre Onana

With hands big enough to juggle planets, Manchester United will never be conceding another goal.

Andre Onana (Pt. II)

However, on this evidence, Onana’s jumbo-sized hands are rendered ineffective by the absence of anything resembling a neck.

While far from graphic design experts ourselves, surely Romano’s brand wouldn’t be hit too much if he knocked these GCSE fit-ups on the head?

Jordi Alba

With his oversized head and tiny body, Alba looks like the spitting image of a football figurine that’s come to life and demanded £200k a week.

Kim Min jae

Jesus. This drive-by on Kim Min jae manages to look entirely AI-generated or, even more damningly, like a rejected sketch of a Shrek baddie.



When a piece of breaking news catches you unaware and you end up using the Arsenal Women’s kit to maintain your professional credence.

Alex Telles

Why is Telles wearing shoulder pads? Or have we missed Saudi Arabia buying rugby too…

Aurelien Tchouameni

Head-shakingly bad.

Joao Cancelo

Not only does Cancelo look as enthused as you’d expect considering he’s been decapitated for Twitter likes, the joining between his head and the Bayern kit is lazier than teenage sloth asked to tidy its bedroom.

Arthur Melo


Milos Kerkez

Let’s be fair; this effort isn’t too horrendous. It certainly won’t trigger any existential crisis about the state of our creative industries nor lead you to rant about taxpayers’ money being wasted on pointless degrees.

But, let’s be serious; do we really need a photoshopped image of Bournemouth’s new left-back? As a species, we’ve lasted thousands of years without this pseudo-dopamine hit.

We should be better than this.

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