FIFA 21 kit with changing colours, steel & more mad sh*t available to buy IRL

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Le Ballon FIFA 21 kit

We’re massive fans of kit innovations. You can shove your identikits up your arses. But even we couldn’t have dreamed up a kit as outrageous as the one Le Ballon designed for FIFA 21 – and now it’s available to buy in real life.

We get excited by a good collar and bold colour so just imagine what we thought when we saw this: a lenticular badge that shifts colours as it moves and reacts to lighting conditions, a metallic plant-cell logo on the sleeve made from actual steel that will oxidise and age over time, and numbers on the back that have a 3D pearlescent effect.

Taking a FIFA 21 concept kit and releasing it for real has been made possible by Avery Dennison and Icarus Football, and we couldn’t be more grateful. This is washing machine in a pub stuff and we’re all for that kind of madness.

Le Ballon Ultimate Team Home Shirt is available to buy in extremely limited quantities for €85 at with any number on the back, but you can win one for free over on MUNDIAL’s Instagram and we love free stuff nearly as much as we love kit innovations.

We’ll leave it to Le Ballon to explain how the whole crazy, wonderful thing came about.

Inspired by the use of graphical transparencies in FIFA 21’s own art-direction and the designs and typeface Jon Deus made for our capsule collaboration with DYNE that never saw the light of day, we chopped, screwed and glitched the classic Le Ballon ball logo before giving it the anaglyph treatment. A throwback to stereoscopic 3D Dinosaur books on the kitchen table tied to the TikTok and FIFA graphic language of the 21st century wrapped up in an eye-melting dazzle of shapes, colours and optical trickery. Oh! The optical trickery!

The lenticular badge shifts colours as it moves and reacts to lighting conditions, the metallic plant-cell logo on the sleeve (from our successful La Pausa charity t-shirt that symbolises hope springing eternal) is made from actual steel and will oxidise and age over time and the numbers on the back have a 3D pearlescent effect that beggars belief! These artefacts, brought to life by Avery Dennison, must be seen in the flesh to be appreciated. It’s a good thing football pitches are opening up again…

Le Ballon kit

As we venture outdoors again, we have pulled our shirts from off the screen and into real life. These physical, touchable, interactive shirts have been made with Icarus Football based out of Philadelphia. A proper company, with real customisation and human spirit and integrity. A new, real-world connection stemming from a very virtual beginning as colours and patterns and tech-specs were discussed into the wee hours of the morning (CET or EST, take your pick).

The football community has stayed connected throughout this imposed purgatory – for better or for worse. We hope this shirt can celebrate the way we in which stayed together, played together and grew together. We hope it will be worn around the world as we play together for real, at last.

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