The Wikipedia profile picture of former Chelsea and England defender John Terry, taken at the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup final.

15 reasons to follow ‘Footballer’s Wikipedia Pictures’ on Twitter immediately

Any self-respecting football supporter on Twitter should be following ‘Footballer’s Wikipedia Pictures’ and, if you don’t believe us, allow us to present 15 reasons why. 

From ‘Roy Keane’s Film Reviews‘ to ‘Jason Tindall desperate to be centre of attention‘, Planet Football are always on the lookout for accounts that deserve to be on your radar.

And our latest discovery marries football with the kind of snaps you’d persuade your spouse to delete from their camera phone immediately after taking. Flattering they are not.

As some of the most photographed people in society, footballers must feel a degree of pressure to look good away from the picture. Happily, a combination of diet and exercise usually makes these athletes look photogenic.

But this isn’t always true; a less-than-flattering camera angle, an unfortunate combination of open mouths and confused eyes or being awkwardly ambushed in public places are all factors in some truly terrible photos of footballers.

Amusingly, it’s often these pictures that are used on their Wikipedia pages. As one of the biggest websites in the world, but without the personal autonomy of Facebook or Twitter, footballers are often at the mercy of an unfortunate snap being presented to billions of users.

The guys behind ‘Footballer’s Wikipedia Pictures‘ have scoured the site to bring you some of the most deliciously awkward, embarrassing and humbling photographs of footballers you’re ever likely to see.

And, if you’re not already convinced to hit follow, let us present 15 perfect examples of the page’s contribution to the zeitgeist. Enjoy…

John Terry

Tony Adams

Rene Higuita

Dani Carvajal

Ray Parlour

Paul Ince


Mark Schwarzer

Graeme Souness

Mark Hughes

Sam Allardyce

Alan Pardew

Kyle Bartley

Lee Hendrie

Jon Stead

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