Football’s own Best Actor Oscars: 17 of the most memorable dives in football

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Chelsea, Manchester CityManchester UnitedBarcelona and Real Madrid players are among the many to have stuck in our memory for diving.

If the Academy Awards were given out for footballers, there would be some fierce competition. In a sport in which players are told they must make any foul as clear as possible to the referee, there is never a shortage of theatrics.

And while we certainly don’t condone diving in order to con a referee, seeing players throw themselves to the ground can be greatly entertaining and amusing – at least in a game between two sides to which you will have no emotional attachment.

We’ve looked back through recent matches and some of the classics to find some of the best, worst and most utterly ridiculous dives that have been seen on a football pitch.

Sergio Ramos

They say centre halves are supposed to be big and strong…


Against the club who later chose to pay £200million for him.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

A Premier League classic.

Dele Alli

Some people have wanted to see more gamesmanship from English players for years. To others, Alli is ‘shameful’. You can’t please everyone…

Steven Gerrard

Well, Alli did say Gerrard was his role model when he was younger.

Didier Drogbaro


James Rodriguez

This was in a friendly.

Ashley Young

The classic flailing legs.

Leroy Sane

Quite astonishing that a dive can win a penalty, spark a mass brawl, and get two opposition players booked as well as yourself. The pure rage from Middlesbrough’s players too is something to behold.

Shane Long

Long’s goal somehow won Ireland the match, and this somehow won Mats Hummels a yellow card.

Luis Suarez

Ok so there were many Suarez dives we could pick from. But we went for the best.

Arjen Robben

Oh he thought he was going to get left out.

Nelson Oliveira

Just incredible.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Another one with a plethora of options, but a derby, the pure distance from the defender and the fact that the referee is so close and does nothing makes this exemplary.

Pascal Dupraz

Yep, managers dive too. Wouldn’t see Pards going down like this.

Heiko Herrlich

In fact, it seems quite common in Europe.


The classic of the genre

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