Frank Lampard’s serious-joke-serious interviews are the *real* 19-20 highlight

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Liverpool pissing the Premier League has been impressive, sure, but if you follow @FootballCliches on Twitter you’ll know the absolute best thing about this season has been Frank Lampard’s interviews.

After just one season in charge of Derby County, nobody was quite sure what to expect when Lampard took over as Chelsea manager last summer. There were mixed reports about his time at Pride Park but, either way, it was one hell of a step up to be given the top job at Stamford Bridge.

But despite the club being under a transfer embargo when he took over, Lampard can feel pretty happy with his efforts so far having led the Blues to the FA Cup final and third place in the Premier League with two games remaining. He’s also been a comedy genius in every one of his interviews hahahaha, but nah, seriously, he’s done an excellent job.

And there is Lampard’s interview technique in a nutshell: serious point, into a joke, quickly transitioning back into another serious point. He’s as consistent as he ever was as a player, and we’re not even slightly joking when we say his interviews have been one of our favourite things about the entire season.

And thanks to Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches), we can look back at the best moments of them time and time again, have a good laugh, then get back to the job in hand.

Setting his stall out

Hurrey had originally pointed out Lampard’s interview technique back when he was still playing in 2014. Imagine his (and our) joy when, five years later, Lampard returned to Stamford Bridge as manager and immediately set about doing what he does best.

Ask me that at the end

Frank Lampard: bringing lightheartedness to Premier League interviews since 2019.


Perhaps wary of being labelled a one-trick pony, Lamps shows a different side to his game here, going from laughter into anger with the absolute minimum of fuss.

We lost the fight

There’s a time and a place for a joke, but it’s not when you’ve lost the fight, as Frank quickly reminds himself here.

I’m only joking

We know that, Frank, you’re always bloody joking. This is possibly our favourite of the whole lot.


As you may or may not know, clickers are commonly used to train dogs. Has been Lampard been trained, without even knowing, into this technique by a similar method? This is pretty strong evidence to suggest he has.

I shouldn’t joke

He actually skips part one of the routine, going straight in with a joke, but the transition into serious point was world class. When he said, “I shouldn’t maybe joke,” that was us convinced he’d been trolling us all season. He knows. He definitely knows.

Couldn’t ask for any more

Some managers might have got a bit giddy about leading a team to the FA Cup final in their first season in charge, but not Frank. He only needs five seconds to nail the serious-joke-serious technique here. A master at work.

61 seconds of genius

Still want more? Here are another 61 seconds of absolute peak Lampard interviews. We bloody love the man.

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