Chelsea and England football star Frank Lampard in Tesco Kensington to launch Tesco's Sport for Schools and Clubs Initiative, a voucher scheme for free sports equipment and professional coaching aimed at school children, west London, Wednesday 21 September 2005

‘Great British Getty Images’ is the best football Twitter account you’re not following

Getty Images appears rather mundane and unassuming on the surface, but search deeper into it and there’s an entire back catalogue of glorious football content waiting to be unearthed.

From the iconic sporting images that the tote bag-wearing, cropped trousers sporting bunch among us simply can’t help but repost, to the hilarious lost files from promotional campaigns and pre-season tours, Getty has it all. And thankfully, a new Twitter account has begun highlighting the very best of it.

‘Great British Getty Images’ or @shitbritishpics on Twitter have very quickly taken over the timeline by sharing some of the greatest fodder lost in the depths of the image-sharing platform.

Today, we’ve sieved through some of the footballing highlights and compiled them into a list for the sake of all things still good in the world.

Manchester United x Jaffa Cakes (2000)

Sir Alex Ferguson and several members of his United squad can be seen posing with oranges and mini-stacks of the delightful zesty biscuit/cake/chocolate, with Jaffa Cakes being announced as the sponsor of United’s Youth Academy.

It’s even more hilarious knowing that the Scot was an advocate for Jaffa Cakes and actually ordered his players to scoff them during the 90s. Bet he got loads for free. Jealous.

James Lambert opens a sweet shop (1993)

Look away now, Jamie Oliver.

Long before the days of unhealthy levels of sports science and never-ending football seasons, Reading were letting their players become the face of the local tuckshop.

Brits abroad (2000)

Just us Brits, doing what we do best at Euro 2000. Hang it in the Louvre.

Lampard’s supermarket sweep (2005)

Supermarkets and retail chains pushing initiatives for kids to be active by any means possible felt really common back in the day.

Painful ad campaigns like this, free gifts with every pack of bananas or school polo shirts, vouchers at the till – you name it.

Bring it back.

Newcastle United kit launch (2009)

Fashion is a funny old thing. Because go to any student bar up and down the country and you’ll find that approximately 35% of lads in the room are dressed pretty much exactly like this.

One thing that needs to be addressed, though, is the trainers. Serious ‘Are you showing the Six Nations, mate?’ vibes. Sort it out fellas.

Trafalgar Square (2001)

Seriously, what is it with football fans and drinking warm cans next to that godforsaken water feature!?

There are about a million and one brilliant boozers in London, yet we insist on drinking by Trafalgar Square. It’s impressive how this is a generational issue.

Tim Lovejoy, man of the people (2008)

Not to sound too ‘yer da’, but yet more proof that Soccer AM died when Lovejoy left.

Woolworths at the football (2008)

Not really sure how to explain or contextualise this one, especially considering Woolworths went bust and shut every UK store by the beginning of 2009.

Perhaps this all-expenses paid trip was the cause.

Britain’s most iconic crossover (2002)

Sol Campbell and British soap royalty. Doesn’t get bigger than this.

Box office.

Richard Keys (2002)

Can’t be an iconic Twitter thread without everyone’s favourite lunatic and sportwashing shill Keysey making an appearance, eh?

Surprised he didn’t blag an invite for his best mate Big Sam.

Sven and Gary go large (2002)

We used to be a society.

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