How every PL team’s gaps between games over Christmas in 2020 compare

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While football fans in England love the feast of fixtures during the festive period, it creates terrible headaches for Premier League managers. 

The congested schedule in 2020-21 has already led to player fatigue and serious injuries but things could get even worse over Christmas.

We’ve looked at which teams have the biggest gap between the fixtures on December 26 and January 4, starting with smallest to biggest.

West Ham and Tottenham will both have to use their full squad over the Christmas period as the players won’t have much time to recharge their batteries.

Jurgen Klopp has made a few digs at TV companies already this season, but he’ll be relieved to know that Liverpool have the second easiest schedule out of all 20 Premier League clubs.

20. West Ham (123.25 hours)
19. Tottenham (137.25 hours)
18. Everton (141.5 hours)
17. Wolves (142.25 hours)
16. Leeds (144.5 hours)
15. Brighton (147.25 hours)
14. West Brom (147.5 hours)
13. Aston Villa (149 hours)
12. Manchester United (151.5 hours)
11. Sheffield United (163 hours)
10= Burnley (168 hours)
10= Crystal Palace (168 hours)
8. Arsenal (170.5 hours)
7. Newcastle United (186.25 hours)
6. Manchester City (188.5 hours)
5. Fulham (189 hours)
4. Chelsea (191 hours)
3. Leicester City (193.75 hours)
2. Liverpool (195.5 hours)
1. Southampton (221 hours)

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