How Harry Kane’s record compares to the PL greats – Shearer, Henry, Rooney…

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Harry Kane will reportedly push to move away from Tottenham this summer if they fail to qualify for the Champions League. 

That’s according to a sensational new report in The Athletic, with suggestions that Kane could move to one of their Premier League rivals in search of silverware.

The striker is already among the most prolific goalscorers in Premier League history – joint 8th with Jermain Defoe in the all-time top scorers list on 162 goals – and with plenty of years left ahead of him, can have realistic ambitions of moving top.

Alan Shearer is way out in front with 262 Premier League goals, followed by Wayne Rooney, Andy Cole, Sergio Aguero and Thierry Henry. Former midfielder Frank Lampard also makes the list, sneaking into the top five ahead of Henry, but we’re taking a look at the forwards only.

Here’s how Kane’s Premier League record compares to Shearer, Rooney, Cole, Aguero and Henry – with a closer look at what each of those legends’ latter years can tell us about what Spurs’ No.10 can still offer after he turns 28 this summer.

Harry Kane

Games: 238
Starts: 221
Sub appearances: 17

Goals: 162
Assists: 37

Penalties scored: 24

Minutes per goal: 121
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 142
Minutes per goal or assist: 98

Alan Shearer

Games: 441
Starts: 427
Sub appearances: 14

Goals: 260
Assists: 63

Penalties scored: 54

Minutes per goal: 147
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 185
Minutes per goal or assist: 118

Goals scored after turning 28: 121 (retired at 35)

Wayne Rooney

Games: 491
Starts: 421
Sub appearances: 70

Goals: 208
Assists: 111

Penalties scored: 23

Minutes per goal: 183
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 205
Minutes per goal or assist: 119

Goals scored after turning 28: 49 (left the Premier League at 32)

Andy Cole

Games: 415
Starts: 350
Sub appearances: 65

Goals: 187
Assists: 51

Penalties scored: 0

Minutes per goal: 169
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 169
Minutes per goal or assist: 132

Goals scored after turning 28: 77 (left the Premier League at 36)

Sergio Aguero

Games: 272
Starts: 39
Sub appearances: 233

Goals: 181
Assists: 54

Penalties scored: 27

Minutes per goal: 109
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 127
Minutes per goal or assist: 83

Goals scored after turning 28: 78 (still in the Premier League, 32)

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Thierry Henry

Games: 258
Starts: 23
Sub appearances: 235

Goals: 175
Assists: 83

Penalties scored: 23

Minutes per goal: 122
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 140
Minutes per goal or assist: 82

Goals scored after turning 28: 36 (left for Barcelona at 29)

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