Compostie image of Manchester United attacker Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah playing in the Premier League.

How Liverpool’s Mo Salah compares with Man Utd’s Ronaldo in 2021

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo are widely regarded as two of the best players in the world – but how did they compare in 2021?

While Ronaldo’s Coppa Italia was the only major trophy that either of them won in 2021, they both enjoyed brilliant years on an individual level.

Ronaldo, who turned 36 earlier this year, finished sixth in the 2021 Ballon d’Or rankings and Salah was one place behind him.

We’ve compared their overall records for club and country in 2021 to see who comes out on top.

Mohamed Salah

Club (Liverpool)

Games: 52
Starts: 50
Sub appearances: 2

Goals: 37
Assists: 11
Penalties scored: 4

Minutes per goal: 119.3
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 133.8
Minutes per goal or assist: 92


Country (Egypt)

Games: 7
Starts: 6
Sub appearances: 1

Goals: 2
Assists: 3
Penalties scored: 0

Minutes per goal: 285.5
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 285.5
Minutes per goal or assist: 114.2


Games: 59
Starts: 56
Sub appearances: 3

Goals: 39
Assists: 14
Penalties scored: 4

Minutes per goal: 127.8
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 142.5
Minutes per goal or assist: 94.1

Cristiano Ronaldo

Club (Juventus, Man Utd)

Games: 49
Starts: 44
Sub appearances: 5

Goals: 33
Assists: 5
Penalties scored: 5

Minutes per goal: 123
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 144.9
Minutes per goal or assist: 106.8

Country (Portugal)

Games: 14
Starts: 14
Sub appearances: 0

Goals: 13
Assists: 1
Penalties scored: 5

Minutes per goal: 92
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 149.5
Minutes per goal or assist: 85.4


Games: 63
Starts: 58
Sub appearances: 5

Goals: 46
Assists: 6
Penalties scored: 10

Minutes per goal: 114.2
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 145.9
Minutes per goal or assist: 101

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