How much each Premier League club owes in remaining transfer fees

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Premier League clubs often spend hundreds of millions in transfer fees every year – but they usually pay teams in regular instalments. 

Football finance expert Swiss Ramble has been crunching the numbers to look at which clubs have the biggest transfer debt for remaining payments.

The figures are sourced from every clubs’ 2018-19 accounts, although the data for clubs marked with an asterisk is from the season before.

1. Manchester United – £188million

2. Liverpool – £167million

3. Chelsea – £139million

4. Tottenham – £108million*

5. Everton – £97million

6. Leicester City – £97million

7. West Ham – £87million

8. Manchester City – £86milion

9. Bournemouth – £81million

10. Fulham – £80million

11. Watford – £79million

12. Arsenal – £77million

13. Southampton – £74million*

14. Wolves – £56million

15. Crystal Palace – £49million*

16. Newcastle United – £28million*

17. Burnley – £23million*

18. Brighton – £23million

19. Huddersfield Town – £13million*

20. Cardiff City – £10million

These clubs are of course owed money themselves, and @SwissRamble has also calculated their net transfer debt.

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