How much Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea & Arsenal will earn from European finals

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Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal are all due big financial windfalls this summer after qualifying for their respective European finals.

After two remarkable second-leg comebacks, Liverpool will face Spurs in Madrid aiming to win their sixth Champions League crown, while Arsenal are set to face Chelsea in the controversial surroundings of Baku, Azerbaijan, in the Europa League final.

Football finance expert Swiss Ramble analysed the potential incomings for all four clubs to estimate how much they will all earn thanks to their progress in the competitions this season.

Champions League

Revenue from the Champions League shared between the clubs has increased by 54% this year from €1.269bn to €1.950bn.

Simply participating in the group stage was worth €15.25m alone, with extra bonuses of €2.7m for a win & €900k for a draw. Going further brings in even more – reaching the first knockout round is worth €9.5m, the quarter-final an additional €10.5m, semi €12m and final €15m. The winners of the final are given an additional €4m.

There is also further income to be taken into account due to TV revenue and the share of the UEFA coefficient distribution, which rewards clubs depending on their Champions League success over the past decade.

Liverpool have received slightly more prize money than Tottenham at this stage due to their superior group stage record, while they also earn more from the UEFA coefficient distribution.

However, according to Swiss Ramble, Tottenham have received more money from the TV pool.

As a result, as things stand Liverpool are set to earn €107.2m from their participation in this season’s Champions League, while Spurs will net €101.6m, although an extra €4m will go to the winner of the final.

This is a big increase on the €78.2m Liverpool earned after being beaten by Real Madrid in last season’s final.

Europa League

As the above shows, Arsenal and Chelsea will net significantly lower sums for reaching the Europa League final.

Total revenue from the competition has significantly increased by 40%, although that is still lower than the 54% increase which has taken effect in the Champions League.

The distribution from the UEFA coefficient is also much lower, standing at 15% in the Europa League as opposed to the 30% in the Champions League.

Again, the winners of the final will earn an extra €4m, but both clubs are set to take home significantly less from European competition than they did last season.

Chelsea’s drop can be easily explained by the fact they were in the Champions League last term, from which they earned €65m, but Arsenal are on course to earn less from the Europa League despite the fact they have gone one stage further than 2017-18.

The Gunners earned €38m by being knocked out at the semi-final stage by Atletico Madrid last season, whereas as things stand they have earned €36m by reaching the final this term.

We’re very glad Swiss Ramble is so clever because our heads are starting to hurt.

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