How the Premier League table is projected to finish based on PPG: Arsenal & Spurs on 95 points…

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta

We’re still in the early days of the 2023-24 season, but we can’t help but look at each club’s points per game and project how the Premier League table could finish come May.

Tottenham and Arsenal have both enjoyed fantastic starts to the new campaign as the north London clubs currently top the Premier League table with 20 points each.

As things stand, both Mikel Arteta’s side and Ange Postecoglou’s men are averaging 2.5 points per game which projected over an entire season would be worth a whopping 95 points. Both sides will likely experience a drop off at some stage, but the early signs have been promising.

Manchester City started the season with six consecutive wins, but they were recently brought back down to earth with a bump as they lost back-to-back games against Wolves and Arsenal.

Pep Guardiola’s side are still the favourites to win the league, but they will need to get back on track sharpish. Man City are currently averaging 2.25 points per game which is the equivalent of 86 points across an entire campaign.

Liverpool then make up the top four and Jurgen Klopp’s side are currently projected to finish the season with 81 points which would be 14 more points than they managed last time around.

Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United have struggled to find much consistency this year and they have averaged a mere 1.5 points per game in their opening eight matches.

When averaged across an entire season, that would see United finishing the campaign with just 57 points. For context, in United’s worst-ever Premier League campaign, they finished with 58 points in 2021-22.

However, Chelsea have still been the biggest underachiever in the league so far as they currently occupy a spot in the bottom half of the table.

As things stand, Chelsea are projected to finish the season with just 52 points. While this would be an improvement on last season’s tally, it’s still far below the expectancy levels at the club.

We’ve taken a closer look at each Premier League club and how many points per game they have averaged so far. Using these figures, we have then projected how many points each club is currently projected to finish the season with.

Note: if two clubs are tied for points we have used goal difference to separate them.

1. Tottenham – 2.5PPG = 95 points
2. Arsenal – 2.5PPG = 95 points
3. Man City – 2.25PPG = 86 points
4. Liverpool – 2.13PPG = 81 points
5. Aston Villa – 2PPG = 76 points
6. Brighton – 2PPG = 76 points
7. West Ham – 1.75PPG = 67 points
8. Newcastle – 1.63PPG = 62 points
9. Crystal Palace – 1.5PPG = 57 points
10. Man Utd – 1.5PPG = 57 points
11. Chelsea – 1.38PPG = 52 points
12. Fulham – 1.38PPG = 52 points
13. Nottingham Forest = 1.13PPG = 43 points
14. Wolves = 1PPG = 38 points
15. Brentford = 0.88PPG = 33 points
16. Everton = 0.88PPG = 33 points
17. Luton = 0.5PPG = 19 points
18. Burnley = 0.5PPG = 19 points
19. Bournemouth = 0.38PPG = 14 points
20. Sheffield United = 0.13PPG = 5 points

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