How the Premier League table would look if games only lasted 80 minutes

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It’s been two months since the last Premier League match was played and things will be very different when the season resumes.  

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has already suggested that the final nine league games in 2019-20 may not be a full 90 minutes.

Opta have looked at how the 2019-20 Premier League table would look if the previous 29 games had been capped at 80 minutes.

20th: Norwich City (26 points, +5 points)

19th: Newcastle United (28 points, -7 points)

18th: Brighton (29 points, no change)

17th: West Ham (30 points, +3 points)

16th: Aston Villa (31 points, +6 points)

15th: Bournemouth (31 points, +4 points)

14th: Watford (31 points, +4 points)

13th: Southampton (34 points, no change)

12th: Tottenham (36 points, -5 points)

11th: Burnley (37 points, -2 points)

10th: Sheffield United (37 points, -6 points)

9th: Everton (38 points, +1 point)

8th: Wolves (38 points, -5 points)

7th: Crystal Palace (39 points, no change)

6th: Arsenal (43 points, +3 points)

5th: Manchester United (49 points, +4 points)

4th: Chelsea (50 points, +2 points)

3rd: Leicester City (51 points, -2 points)

2nd: Manchester City (57 points, no change)

1st: Liverpool (72 points, -10 points)

Unsurprisingly, Liverpool still remain well clear at the top of the Premier League table but their 25 point lead has been cut down to 15.

That’s because Jurgen Klopp’s side have left it very late to get late winners and equalisers on several occasions this season.

The top four remains the same as the current table although Manchester United would be just one point off the Champions League spots.

Arsenal move up to sixth place and go seven points clear of rivals Tottenham, who slip into the bottom half.

Aston Villa and Bournemouth both move out of the relegation zone as they would gain six and four points respectively.

The big losers, however, are Newcastle United who would lose seven points and drop down to 19th in the table.

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