How the Premier League table would look if we didn’t have VAR this season

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The introduction of VAR has been the biggest talking point in the Premier League this season – but how would the table look if it hadn’t been used?

We’ve already looked at which teams have been most affected by VAR this season but now we’re looking at how VAR has impacted the overall table.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that VAR’s decisions have been incorrect as it just shows how the league would look pre-VAR. The tally in brackets is the number of points each club would have if VAR was not in place, and how that compares to the points they have in reality.

20th: Brighton (21 points, -7 points)

19th: Norwich City (25 points, +4 points)

18th: Bournemouth (25 points, -2 points)

17th: Aston Villa (26 points, +1 point)

16th: Watford (27 points, no change)

15th: Southampton (29 points, -5 points)

14th: Newcastle (32 points, no change)

13th: West Ham (33 points, +6 points)

12th: Crystal Palace (35 points, -1 point)

11th: Burnley (37 points, -1 point)

10th: Tottenham (37 points, -3 points)

9th: Manchester United (37 points, -5 points)

8th: Sheffield United (39 points, -1 point)

7th: Arsenal (40 points, +3 points)

6th: Everton (42 points, +5 points)

5th: Leicester (46 points, -4 points)

4th: Wolves (47 points, +5 points)

3rd: Chelsea (48 points, +3 points)

2nd: Manchester City (60 points, +3 points)

1st: Liverpool (75 points, -4 points)

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