“I love Wout Weghorst” 7 of the best quotes on Man Utd’s frontman

Wout Weghorst has had an interesting start to life at Manchester United to say the least and we’ve picked out some of the best quotes about him so far.

The 30-year-old has been quite the opinion splitter so far as some have praised his work ethic, while other have criticised his lack of goals.

With that being said, we’ve collected seven of the best quotes from pundits and players relating to United’s number 27.

Erik ten Hag

“He is often in the right position, then he fails [to score], but he keeps going,” Ten Hag told the club website following United’s victory over Real Betis.

“I think he has intelligence from positions, he is a very good anticipator. Of course I tell him to [help] linking up there, which he is also doing as a high striker.

“But in that position, [he is] linking up and getting in front of the goal when crosses are coming in. As for the rest, there is the defending part which he is also very good [at].”

Gary Neville

“I love Wout Weghorst. We shouldn’t laugh, but there are times today… You have to admire Erik ten Hag picking him for every single match,” Neville said on his Sky Sports podcast.

“I asked Ten Hag about that before the game. He feels he brings something to the team, and I can see why. Man United last season, there was this debate about whether or not they could press with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“They couldn’t close down from the front. They couldn’t press. You have to be able to press in the modern game.

“What Weghorst does, he’s very good in transition. He’s very good defending set-pieces. He’s very good when they’re in shape and he’s watching space. He’s doing a vital job for a team that has got a lot of attacking talent. That’s why he’s playing every week.”

Bruno Fernandes

“Sometimes it’s like this, you want the ball to go in and it’s a matter of time,” Fernandes told Sky Sports. “As a striker, you always want to score goals but he’s doing his job, doing a lot of runs that we need, the pressure that we need.

“This is why he’s still playing. It’s a matter of time until he gets his goals. After he gets the first he will open something that will give him more and more goals so he can help the team even more.”

Marcus Rashford

“He is a forward, he gets joy from scoring goals,” Rashford explained following Wehghorst’s first United goal.

“As good as he works hard and does all the other stuff, he wants to score goals, so yes, everyone is really pleased for him.”

Paul Scholes

“You’re talking about a Manchester United No.10 or a centre-forward, he’s in the team to be defensive. He’s the one who runs about and rats about and everybody likes playing with him because he does that,” Scholes told Premier League productions.

“But quality-wise as well you’ve got to have a certain level of quality to play for Man United… it’s not there.

“Look, I don’t want to be too disrespectful. I don’t want to be too disrespectful to the team because they’ve been great, they’ve just won a trophy.”

Louis Saha

“For a player that’s not scoring, then Weghorst has been given more time than any player I’ve seen in a similar position. He’s good enough to play in the side, for sure, but he needs to do much better,” Saha told Betfred.

“There are moments when he presses and enhances his workrate because he’s either miscontrolled the ball or not won a header that he should have won. He needs to score more goals as that would be important for his confidence.”

Peter Schmeichel

“They’ve brought in a striker who has played every game since he has arrived and scored one goal. It wasn’t even a deciding goal. Of course we are right to question that decision,” Schmeichel told BBC Sport.

“We haven’t spoken about Wout Weghorst tonight and he is a bit of the odd one out for me.

“He has started every game and we are still waiting to see if he is good enough for this Manchester United side and I don’t think he is.”

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