Newcastle, Jason Tindall & the best Twitter account you’re not following

Few assistant managers have garnered as much attention – and ire – as Jason Tindall at Newcastle United this season.

The 45-year-old coach has long served as Eddie Howe’s No.2 and reunited with his old pal on Tyneside when he was appointed Steve Bruce’s successor back in 2021.

Tindall briefly served as Howe’s successor at Bournemouth but only lasted six months in the role and is now back making a nuisance of himself as an assistant.

“Jason and I are very different people,” Howe told The Coaches’ Voice.

“I look at things negatively to get a positive response, whereas Jason is always positive and a real people person.”

Since returning to his role as Howe’s assistant, he’s riled a number of people for his animated, verbal manner on the sidelines. There are times you’d assume he’s the manager if you didn’t know better.

“Tindall is that annoying git who you’d want to punch, but when he’s on your side, you just love him,” an unnamed Premier League club director told The Athletic.

“He’s Newcastle’s resident wind-up merchant.”

His touchline antics have resulted in finding our new favourite Twitter account – ‘Jason Tindall desperate to be centre of attention’. We can only stand back and applaud such a petty vendetta.

Here are some of the highlights.


On the big screen



Celebration photos

Pride of place.

Who’s in charge here?


They’re also sure to share any shrapnel sent in Tindall’s direction.

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