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13 of the funniest Mark Goldbridge clips: FA Cup, Van de Beek, Liverpool…

Mark Goldbridge is virtually a national treasure by this point with his Manchester United rants and raves going viral all the time.

These days he doesn’t exclusively keep it to football either as he’ll regularly go off on all sorts of tangents about different topics and opinions. His Alan Partridge-esque rants always manage to keep us entertained and laughing.

We’ve gone through the archives and dug out 11 of his funniest moments from the years gone by.

FA Cup final

“Man City have gone long ball already there…”

You’re having a laugh

United’s start to the 2022-23 campaign had quite the toll on Goldbridge. It’s fair to say that Erik ten Hag didn’t get off to the best of starts at Old Trafford.

When Brentford make it 4-0, he’s had enough.

Instant karma 

We’ve all been here before. Goldbridge gives it the big one as United get back in the game, only for them to instantly concede.

Never change Mark.

Mount Everest

The comedic timing is impeccable.

Donny van de Beek

Everyone is guilty of having a bad footballing take from now and again but this one really takes the biscuit. Donny van de Beek a more complete player than Frank Lampard? We’re not sure about that one.

In his defence, this was back in 2020.

Fall guys

There’s something oddly satisfying about watching a fully grown man get baited on a kids game. His face is priceless once he realises what has happened.

This one is an all-time classic.


You’ll never be able to guess what this innocent conversation about green peppers leads to.

Peak David Brent.

That’s not a goal

Nothing will ever beat this all-time classic. The perfect blend of chaos, instant karma and rage – peak Goldbridge.

How’s he got that gig?

Jermaine Jenas is everywhere nowadays, from the One Show to presenting the World Cup draw in Qatar. It’s fair to say that Goldbridge wasn’t a fan.

Antoine Griezmann

Losing 4-1 in the Champions League on FIFA is bad enough without having Antoine Griezmann of all people rubbing it in with a mocking celebration.

Dead dog

You just can’t script moments like this.

Fans abroad 

Ah, childhood innocence. Even on foreign shores, Goldbridge isn’t far away from the haters.

Liverpool 7-0 Man Utd

“I’m gone, I’m finished…”

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