Mbappe’s next club: Potential destinations for PSG star ranked from least to most likely

Kylian Mbappe is the subject of major transfer speculation – again – with the Paris Saint-Germain forward expressing a desire to leave the club as soon as his contract possibly allows.

After looking on the verge of signing for Real Madrid for free last summer, Mbappe changed his mind thanks to a simply mind-boggling contract offer from PSG, which tempted him to stay in the French capital for a little longer, at the expense of millions of euros and plenty of player power being given to their talisman.

It’s good to know that their policy of appeasement and their subsequent eye-watering investment paid off and has secured Mbappe’s future for the next few years though, right? No. No chance.

It was never going to work and he always wanted to leave; PSG merely delayed the inevitable and somehow managed to out-PSG themselves in doing so.

They now find themselves in a situation where they could lose Mbappe for free all over again next summer when his contract expires, meaning they are now keen to sell him for a fee this summer.

Normally a player of his calibre would be priceless, but given the circumstances, it opens up a small window of opportunity for clubs who previously might’ve thought they didn’t have any chance of landing the forward.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where Mbappe could possibly move to if he is to leave PSG this summer, from least to most likely.

11. Orlando City SC

You’ve got El Traffico over on the west coast, but the east coast is where the really gripping storylines take place. A money-hungry Mbappe desperately turn heel on former teammate Lionel Messi by signing for his new club’s rival club.

It obviously will not happen and will quite probably never happen, but Orlando fans can dream. He’d look good in that purple kit, if nothing else.

10. Inter Miami

If you can’t beat them, join them.

There was always a feeling that Mbappe and Messi sharing a dressing room at PSG resulted in tension, but that was probably due to the pressure chucked onto the pair of them.

Imagine the pair of them reunited on the east coast instead, playing one-twos around whoever they like, as they lead Inter Miami away from the drop zone and up the table.

Oh yeah – they don’t have a drop zone. Never mind. As you were, lads. Not happening.

Inter Miami's Josef Martínez during an MLS soccer match, Saturday, March 4, 2023, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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9. Monaco

It hurts to have such a romantic story so low down the ranking, but we have to be realistic. Mbappe’s next move isn’t the return to where it all first blew up for him.

Been there, done it, got the t-shirt. There is no reason why the 24-year-old needs to head back to Monaco anytime soon; not from a footballing point of view, anyway.

8. Al-Ittihad

The dream at Real was very much a Mbappe-Benzema front two, however that might have manifested itself.

We got glimpses of it in the France national team setup, but truly we were teased. If Saudi Arabia are serious about plaguing sport by bringing football’s top stars to the state, they should offer Mbappe a blank cheque for the chance to reunite with Benzema at Al-Ittihad.

To be honest, that doesn’t feel beyond the realms of possibility, but Mbappe accepting such an offer does. He’s got far too much still to achieve.

7. Barcelona

La Blaugrana have just had their hearts broken by Messi, who instead joined Inter Miami after leaving PSG for free. In a bid to avenge such a loss and get over their toxic relationship, they should go after Mbappe.

At this point it remains unclear exactly how many more economic levers they have left to pull, but we’re sure they could find some more in order to get it done.

It would quite probably bankrupt them for good, but at least they’d have gotten over their Messi trauma and stuck it to Real Madrid.

6. Liverpool

Project Mbappe is back on!

Except it’s not. Liverpool don’t have the money, because their owners won’t make it available.

And Mbappe probably has even less interest in joining than he did a year or two ago, with the club now in the Europa League. Next.

5. Chelsea

Todd Boehly has proven himself to be stupid enough to add to Chelsea’s mountain of pre-existing issues by signing Mbappe before even trying to fix anything else this summer.

When they’re not being run like a circus, they’ve got a pretty decent track record of winning stuff. They’re also in London, which remains ever so desirable for footballers.

Will Mbappe accept any advances? Probably not, purely because he’s made his millions off of one circus already. But you could certainly see Chelsea trying with everything they’ve got.

4. Newcastle

Big Dan Burn lumping balls over the top on a cold Wednesday night in the Carabao Cup, thinking ‘f*ck it, Mbappe’s up there somewhere’.

This is what our beautiful game is missing. True football heritage, and the funds are there to make it happen.

Go on, Newcastle. Live a little. You’ve been too sensible so far.

3. Arsenal

We can’t really laugh the Gunners out of these conversations anymore. No, they didn’t win the Premier League, but they are back in the Champions League and Mikel Arteta’s footballing project is intriguing if nothing else to students of the game.

And with Manchester City firmly in the Erling Haaland boat, a move to Arsenal where the style of play is similar doesn’t feel all that impossible. Especially at a potentially cut-price fee, with PSG keen to sell.

The door is ever so slightly ajar.

Arsenal's Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli celebrate scoring a goal

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2. Manchester United

Hilariously, Manchester United are among the top clubs with a shot at landing Mbappe at the same time as being unable to sign any players at all, because they have no idea who will own the club ahead of next season.

If Qatar do manage to win the bid and can purchase the club, that leaves them with a huge chance of capturing the Frenchman. Huge club, back on the up, war chest to spend, cross-town rivalry with Haaland. You get the idea – subplots galore.

That’s a huge ‘if’ though. Like a massive one. Because like we said, at the moment, they’d struggle to even make a deal for Wout Weghorst permanent.

1. Real Madrid

We can laugh and joke, but this is the one that’s happening, isn’t it?

And when Mbappe does finally land in Madrid – hopefully not without a bit of drama along the way this summer – the pay-off on Spanish TV show El Chiringuito will be oh so sweet.

We can hear that Pedrerol tic tac now. It’s merely a case of when and not if, at this point.

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