Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher

11 of the most hilarious moments from CBS Sports Golazo’s brilliant UCL coverage

Champions League nights have never been more entertaining thanks to the brilliant CBS Sports Golazo crew and their hilarious coverage of club football’s biggest prize.

The crew, made up of Kate Abdo, Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards, will regularly have us in stitches as their dynamic cannot be replicated by any other sports broadcasters.

We’ve gone back through the archives and have picked out 11 of the most hilarious moments from their Champions League coverage over the past few years.

Hi my name is

This one has everything. Henry being hoodwinked by the questions, only to win the quiz himself with the final question. Truly iconic.

Carragher’s ‘American’ accent

Oh dear.

Henry v Kyle Walker

We’ve got our money on prime Henry in this battle.

Leaving Virgil van Dijk on read

Henry’s smirk always makes us giggle.

Henry speechless

His reaction is priceless.

THAT Sterling miss

The switch in emotions between Carragher and Richards in a split second is truly remarkable.

Abdo’s slip-up

Carragher, Richards and Henry weren’t going to let that slip-up go unnoticed.

Richards violated

An iconic intro to the show.

What Thierry wants

The subtle eye movement and smirks have us all giggling.

Henry vs ClockEnd

He wasn’t going to let that one slide.

Dan Burn dance

Come for the interview with Burn, stay for Carragher and Richards’ dancing skills.

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