Jaden Philogene's effort was obscene

Jaden Philogene & 9 more of the most p*ss-takingly sexy rabonas you’ll ever see

Lionel Messi whipping free-kicks is great fun and everybody loves a long-range screamer, but the rabona goal is undoubtedly the most outrageous yet equally gorgeous way a player can find the onion bag.

The art of seeing the goal, picturing the flight of the ball and being so desperate not to use your weak foot to the point where you’ll wrap one leg around the other and risk making a complete fool of yourself is an art not for the faint-hearted. So when it comes off, goodness gracious is it a jaw-dropper.

In tribute to the pinnacle of p*ss-taking, we’ve gathered together a collection of the naughtiest rabonas you’ll ever witness.

Jaden Philogene


Nuno Santos

Timed his run to perfection. Played it right by the textbook. Peeled off his man and loitered to the penalty spot where everyone was expecting a diplomatic finish, nestled into the bottom corner.

Until the intrusive thoughts kicked in and Santos sent the ball curling into top bins with the naughtiest trick in the book – the page ripped out at the back because it’s simply too disgusting. Nasty.

Erik Lamela

You’re thinking of the one against Arsenal, aren’t you? A brilliant finish, but it wasn’t even his best rabona, which is frankly absurd.

Lamela made the Europa League his playground in 2014 with one from outside the box.

Lara Martins

Combining the art of goal poaching in the box with the dark arts of the rabona? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.

Enter 16-year-old Martins for Benfica. Sixteen.

Mario Balotelli

A rabona finish in a way only Balotelli could possibly score one; an obscene and hilariously unnecessary amount of step-overs before eventually smashing it past the goalkeeper.

Remains one of the funniest finishes of all time.

Diego Perotti

What do you do when you’re in the box and painfully close to goal, but you’ve been forced down a corridor and shown a rather improbable angle?

Just shift it out of your feet and dink the goalkeeper with a rabona, obviously. Perotti deserved two goals for this.

Ricardo Quaresma

Right, technically this didn’t happen in a game, but you can’t do a rabona article and not include Quaresma.

The man made a career out of being allergic to using his left foot, by simply becoming so good at trivellas and rabonas that it no longer mattered. Exhibit A:

Angel Di Maria

Everything about this clip is stunning. The baggy shirt. A young, scrawny Di Maria scrambling past the last man. The way he’s going wide but then pulls it together with the most ridiculous finish he can muster up, before wheeling away in celebration.

Keeper had no chance. No man’s land.

Jonathan Calleri

He gets a tad fortunate with the rebound off the defender coming back to him, but immediately makes up for it with the most insane, instinctive thinking ever.

Dinking a keeper is one thing, but dinking a keeper with a rabona, inside La Bombonera? Jonathan Calleri, take a bow.

Matias Urbano

No thoughts, no touch, just pure carnage. Chilean league circa 2011, we salute you.

Urbano had all the time in the world to take down the cross and get a proper shot off, but instead meets it first time in what is a truly spectacular show of technique. Could’ve very easily made a fool of himself, but instead bagged an all-time worldie.

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