The 50 most valuable squads in the world: Chelsea 2nd, Man Utd 9th…

There is more money sloshing around in football today than ever before and some of the biggest clubs in the world are now stacked with superstars.

It will be no surprise to learn that the Premier League dominates the top 50 list of the most valuable squads, although La Liga is also well-represented throughout.

Manchester City top the ranking with a squad value which is just shy of £1billion. After their recent spending spree under Todd Boehly, Chelsea aren’t too far behind either.

Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham also make an appearance in the top 10. Newcastle come in at 17th and have rapidly risen up the ranking since their takeover last year.

Bayern Munich are the highest-valued squad outside of the Premier League with a value of £883.6million. Amazingly, their squad is worth over £400million more than any other Bundesliga side.

With their star-studded forward line, PSG are fifth on the list with an overall value of £788.9million. There’s no doubt that Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and Neymar will make up a large percentage of that figure.

Real Madrid and Barcelona each make it into the top 10 and are leading the way by quite some distance in La Liga when it comes to squad value.

The list is exclusively made up of European sides, although there were some teams from other continents who came close to making it into the top 50.

Flamengo just missed out on the list with a squad value of £143.6million. The Brazilian side have a squad which is valued higher than any other non-European squad.

AC Milan and Inter are the highest-valued Serie A sides and they each feature just outside the top 10, along with Napoli. The likes of Juventus, Roma and Atalanta also make the top 50.

The Premier League’s influence can be seen throughout as all 20 English sides manage to make it into the top 50, which is considerably more than any other league.

Six of the top 10 most valuable squads are Premier League sides which further emphasises the strength of the league right now and the financial advantage they hold in Europe.

We’ve ranked the 50 most valuable squads in world football, according to their total valuation on Transfermarkt.

1. Manchester City – £931.8million
2. Chelsea – £912.9million
3. Bayern Munich – £883.6million
4. Liverpool – £826.2million
5. PSG – £788.9million
6. Real Madrid – £755.2million
7. Arsenal – £712.6million
8. Barcelona – £676.2million
9. Manchester United – £673.8million
10. Tottenham – £631.4million

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Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk during the Premier League match at Anfield, Liverpool. Picture date: Saturday January 21, 2023.

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11. AC Milan – £507.1million
12. Inter Milan – £493.4million
13. Napoli – £481.9million
14. Borussia Dortmund – £463.9million
15. RB Leipzig – £437.8million
16. Atletico Madrid – £433.9million
17. Newcastle – £421.0million
18. West Ham – £418.4million
19. Leicester City – £403.9million
20. Aston Villa – £395.6million
21. Juventus – £392.5million

22. Bayer 04 Leverkusen – £369.5million
23. Wolves – £349.4million
24. Southampton – £343.9million
25. Real Sociedad – £337.7million
26. Everton – £326.7million
27. Roma – £300.6million
28. Nottingham Forest – £295.2million
29. Stade Rennais – £283.5million
30. SL Benfica – £276.0million
31. Crystal Palace – £274.4million
32. Brighton & Hove Albion- £273.9million
33. Atalanta BC – £272.9million
34. AS Monaco – £271.9million
35. Brentford – £270.8million
36. Leeds United – £261.8million
37. Villarreal – £257.1million
38. Porto – £247.9million
39. Ajax – £244.2million

40. Eintracht Frankfurt – £237.79million
41. Lazio – £234.6million
42. Real Betis – £232.9million
43. Valencia – £221.4million
44. Fulham – £217.9million
45. Marseille – £214.1million
46. Sevilla – £213.0million
47. Fiorentina – £209.3million
48. Sporting – £206.9million
49. Borussia Monchengladbach – £206.9million
50. Bournemouth – £201.3million

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