Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville working for Sky Sports.

Nine of the funniest moments of Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher’s bromance

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were sworn enemies in their playing days at Manchester United and Liverpool, but the duo have since developed an on-screen bromance as pundits on Sky Sports.

Neville and Carragher are renowned as two of the best pundits on TV and have produced a number of memorable moments live on Sky, with their former rivalry as players often rearing its head.

We’ve looked back at nine of their best quips, arguments and rants.

Messi or Ronaldo

We’re with Carragher here – just about.


Following a debate on whether Trent Alexander-Arnold should be included in England’s Euro 2020 squad which, let’s face it, consumed the whole nation at one point, Neville took to Instagram Live to continue his argument.

1-0 Carragher

One of Carragher’s early victories came in 2013, as he parred Neville off while discussing full-backs.

“There’s only two things for a full-back. You’re either a filed winger or a failed centre-back.

“No-one wants to grow up and be a Gary Neville.”

Attacking threat

Nev couldn’t resist a little dig at his colleague’s own goal record during a Twitter Q&A.

On the pitch

Their rivalry remains when they take to the football field.

Xherdan Shaqiri

Neville is no fan of Shaqiri, criticising the Liverpool winger on a number of occasions in the past.

And so Carragher relished the chance to make Neville eat his words when the duo took part in a penalty shootout – with the loser agreeing to wear the shirt of the winner’s team.

The former Liverpool hero won, and he grabbed the chance to get a personalised shirt with a message from Shaqiri to Neville which read: “To Gary, my number one fan. Please don’t track back. Sorry, please don’t backtrack on this bet.”

Neville reluctantly wore the shirt, but only on the proviso that Carragher also wore a Manchester United shirt as punishment for an earlier, off-air, bet he lost.

Paul Pogba

Neville wasn’t giving up on Pogba whereas Carragher reflected those who believe Gary should really, really know better by now.

The PowerPoint

After Arsenal’s slow start to life under Unai Emery back in 2018-19, the duo locked horns as Carragher suggested the manager may have to adapt some of his philosophies with the Gunners – much to the dismay of Neville. We’ll just leave part of the transcript here.

GN: We’ve never criticised Sam Allardyce or anybody for their style. We’ve always appreciated different styles. We’ve never asked a manager to change his style and you’re asking him to change his style.

JC: I’m not asking him to change his style.

GN: You are.

JC: I’m asking him to adapt and not leave himself in situations. Seven or eight times in that game they could have conceded a goal.

GN: After five weeks?

JC: Hold on, I haven’t finished…

GN: Jamie’s little PowerPoint that he’s done here is lovely.

JC: You should have taken it to Valencia…

We’ll award that one to Carra.

Going with your runners

You can become close friends with a work colleague but that won’t spare you an almighty bollocking if you fail to track your runner – as Neville found out during Vincent Kompany’s testimonial in 2019.

Carra was still fuming in the post-match interview.

Any other business

Here they are in full form, featuring an improvised sprint at Brighton and Neville’s hilariously bad moonlighting as a linesman.

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