Nine times Hatem Ben Arfa was one of the most exciting players in the world

Hatem Ben Arfa’s spell in England with Newcastle United and Hull City may have ended acrimony, but the France international has always been entertaining.

Ben Arfa is one of modern football’s great enigmas, with his knack for getting supporters out of their seats matched by getting himself into trouble.

As a result, he has hopped between clubs, representing Lyon, Marseille, Newcastle, Hull, Rennes and PSG since making his debut in 2004.

The 31-year-old may not have realised his full potential, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t given us plenty of thrills along the way.

This length of the pitch goal

When he phased David Moyes

This ludicrous free-kick

Just look how the keeper quickly gets up, certain the ball has bounced out.

Often he would just do it all himself

Defenders really hate him

At times it’s like he’s dribbling past cones

He made the Premier League look easy

Too easy

And then, well, there’s *THIS* dummy

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