The 10 players with the most goals & assists in ‘big six’ clashes since 2020: Salah clear…

Scoring and creating goals is said to be the hardest thing to do in football, especially against the so-called ‘big six’, but these Premier League stars have often had joy in these fixtures.

Thanks to the work of Andrew Beasley, we’ve been able to compile a list of the top 10 Premier League players with the most non-penalty goals and assists against the big six since August 2020.

What’s ridiculous is that Erling Haaland is only a couple of goal contributions away from making the list already. Note: Roberto Firmino and Phil Foden each have nine goal contributions but miss out due to an inferior goal contribution per minute ratio.

10. Ilkay Gundogan (9 G/A)

The German midfielder is one of the few City players who has had some joy against Tottenham over the years. Spurs have recently proven to be a bogey side for Pep Guardiola, but Gundogan is regularly on hand to produce something with four goal contributions against them since 2020.

With his contract set to come to an end in the summer, City would be hard-pressed to replace him if he does decide to move on.

=8. Bukayo Saka (10 G/A)

Arsenal’s starboy is one of the best players in the Premier League right now and the numbers back it up. Since August 2020 he has 10 goal contributions against the big six, with seven of them coming during this campaign.

Saka so often turns up when Arsenal need him most and his performance against Liverpool back in October remains to be one of his best games of the season so far.

=8. Marcus Rashford (10 G/A)

Rashford has been the most prolific player in Europe since the World Cup and his record against the big six isn’t too shabby either. Erik ten Hag has revived the 25-year-old and there’s no stopping him at the moment.

He probably deserved an assist for his role in the Bruno Fernandes goal against Man City too.

7. Trent Alexander-Arnold (11 G/A)

The 24-year-old is the only defender who makes it into the top 10 and that’s a testament to how good Alexander-Arnold can be. His attacking output is second to none in this Liverpool setup.

While his defensive instincts have sometimes been called into question, his creative side has always been spectacular. Since August 2020, he has assisted more goals against the big six than any other player.

6. Diogo Jota (12 G/A)

As he’s been out of the spotlight this season, perhaps some people have forgotten just how prolific Jota can be. He’s missed a large chunk of this season with a calf injury but is now back in the frame for Liverpool.

=4. Sadio Mane (13 G/A)

Arsenal fans will still be having nightmares about Mane tearing their backline to shreds. The former Liverpool man often thrived in the big matches and his departure left a gaping hole in Jurgen Klopp’s squad.

His electric pace and crafty positioning made him a defender’s worst nightmare. With 120 goals in 269 appearances for Liverpool in total, he’s a modern-day legend for the club.

=4. Harry Kane (13 G/A)

He just loves a North London derby, doesn’t he? Kane has scored more goals in that specific fixture than any other player.

Along with boasting an elite goalscoring record, Kane is also a masterful playmaker these days. With Alan Shearer’s record in sight, Kane isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon.

3. Kevin De Bruyne (14 G/A)

Perhaps the best midfielder in the world right now, there’s no stopping De Bruyne at his best. Whether it’s creating or scoring, the Belgian midfielder can do just about everything.

With Haaland now playing ahead of him, we’re expecting De Bruyne’s assist tally to skyrocket further over the next few years.

2. Son Heung-min (15 G/A)

Across the last two and a half Premier League seasons, Son has 65 goal contributions to his name. Along with Kane, the Spurs duo have formed a formidable partnership which strikes fear into every Premier League side.

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1. Mohamed Salah (23 G/A)

Who else? The Egyptian King has been by far and away the most prolific player against the big six since August 2020. Every side in the league has felt his wrath at some point.

Even during a season when he’s not considered to be at his best, he has still produced nine goal contributions against the big six so far. Salah has been consistently great and he will take some catching in this list.

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