Ranking every Premier League club by their amount of Twitter followers with clear No. 1…

Manchester United are the Premier League club with the most Twitter followers in the summer of 2023, miles clear of their closest rivals.

With Twitter now firmly embedded in everyday life, fans often follow their favourite clubs on social media for official news, content and frequent nostalgic video clips.

And United have the biggest number of followers in England’s top flight, with their global fanbase increasing the club’s total to a whopping 36.5 million.

Elsewhere, Chelsea edge out Liverpool and Arsenal for second place as all three clubs have totals exceeding 20 million users following their every move.

Treble-winners Manchester City have less than half of United’s total, but their continued success under Pep Guardiola and a lucrative pre-season tour of Asia should ensure steady growth.

Further down, Everton and West Ham fare well – the Hammers are level with Newcastle United, although that may not remain the case for much longer, while Aston Villa, Crystal Palace and Wolves all attract over a million Twitter users to their official club page.

Luton Town are unsurprisingly bottom, although memes about Kenilworth Road are everywhere on Twitter, while Brentford and Sheffield United complete this metaphorical relegation zone.

Despite a substantial fan base in England, Nottingham Forest don’t have the same reach as either Bournemouth or Burnley. There’s probably a lesson there about how Premier League football increases your name recognition abroad.

We’ve crunched the numbers and present the full list below.

1. Manchester United – 36.5million followers
2. Chelsea – 25million followers
3. Liverpool – 23.8million followers
4. Arsenal – 21.8million followers
5. Manchester City – 16.5million followers
6. Tottenham – 8.7million followers
7. Everton – 3million followers
=8. Newcastle United – 2.6million followers
=8. West Ham United – 2.6million followers
10. Aston Villa – 2.3millon followers
11. Crystal Palace – 1.4million followers
12. Wolves – 1.2million followers
13. Brighton – 902.8k followers
14. Burnley – 795.3k followers
15. Fulham – 730.6k followers
16. Bournemouth – 682k followers
17. Nottingham Forest – 626.5k followers
18. Sheffield United – 559.3k followers
19. Brentford – 336.5k followers
20. Luton Town – 174.3k followers

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