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Every Premier League club’s confirmed kits for the 2023-24 season

The 2023-24 Premier League season is fast approaching, pre-season is well underway, and every club finally has their house in order after officially announcing their home kits.

We’re past the point of grainy leaks and dodgy photoshops now. We’ve had all the elaborate kit release vids and stylish photoshoots, and at this point we’re just waiting on a few clubs to announce their away kits for the upcoming campaign.

Here’s every single confirmed home and away kit for the 2023-23 Premier League season.


Gold trim on the home shirt? A bold choice, you have to give them that. For all the jokes, the official reason behind the choice is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Invincibles’ historic unbeaten 2003-04 campaign.

If you thought gold on the home shirt was audacious, the away kit is something else. The PR guff says it’s “inspired by the map of Islington” but all we see is 2023-24’s most revolting effort.

The third kit is uncontroversial and smart. Let’s hope it gets more than a handful of outings this season.

Aston Villa

Smart enough from Castore. Loses points for a dodgy sponsor from a betting firm that nobody’s heard of.

We’ll be describing their away offering as ‘marble’.


Close your eyes and imagine a Bournemouth kit. It’s this, isn’t it?


In other news, we congratulate Watford on getting promoted last season without anyone noticing.


A standard Brentford effort. They’re becoming part of the Premier League furniture now. Could do without the naff sponsor, like.

The Bees have made the bold move of announcing their third kit before their away kit. Designers are getting bolder, aren’t they? We’re not far off the wonderful monstrosities of the 90s.


The kit Brighton will be wearing in the Europa League. Glad they haven’t rocked the boat for what could be a season to remember.

Green is always welcome. Apart from Arsenal’s above.


The Clarets are back. Vincent Kompany’s side may play football that’s unrecognisable to Dycheball but they still look like Burnley.

Burnley appear to have chosen a Watford kit as their away number this season.


We bloody love a good sponsorless kit. This one just looks like a training top, though. Spare us with the 90s guff.

Away kit TBA.

Crystal Palace

The upcoming season will be Palace’s 11th successive campaign in the Premier League and they’ve taken things back to the kit they wore when they were newly-promoted a decade ago.

It also features “a silhouette of the original Crystal Palace, where the club was founded in 1861 and played from 1862.” Nice.

We’ll never badmouth a good sash.


The collar is back on an Everton home kit for the first time in over 10 years. The design “pays homage to Goodison’s famous Archibald Leitch pattern on its trim.”

Hummel know what they’re doing. This somehow works.


Just very clean. We only wish they were sponsored by Pizza Hut.

Their away kit is pink. Very pink. Must be a tribute to Barbie and Fulham-supporting Margot Robbie…


We’re big, big fans of Liverpool’s latest. From the 70s-inspired photoshoot to the kit itself, we reckon this is Nike’s best effort yet.

• • • •

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Everton aren’t the only Merseyside club to have looked back to the ’90s for their away kit. We like.

Luton Town

It’ll get old very, very fast – so we’re just going to say it once now and then never again. But Luton being in the Premier League feels mad, doesn’t it?

Especially with this kit that’s straight out of League One. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Whereas their away kit reminds us of Easyjet and budget getaways to the continent.

Manchester City

Lovely. Get used to the sight of Haaland in that collar. We’re going to see him wheeling away in celebration a lot more over the next 12 months.

And we’re also big fans of their third kit, which captures the feeling of being in an arcade with your mates during the summer holidays.

Manchester United

A proper Manchester United shirt. Could’ve done without the designer maniacally clicking up on the Team Viewer font size, but no complaints otherwise.

We’re still not sure about this one. You can see people growing to love it.

Newcastle United

Almost brilliant. But that sponsor takes a lot of attention.

Saudi green? Hm.

Nottingham Forest

Adidas over Macron is a hell of an upgrade. Back to the manufacturer of their glory years.

Something about the River Trent? Not sure if it quite works.

Sheffield United

The Blades’ press release states that their 2022-23 kit “symbolises not only the club’s rise to the Premier League but also Sheffield’s transformation from a city rooted in steelmaking to one that thrives on creativity, arts, technology, and music.”

Looks like red and white stripes to us.

Like Brentford, Sheffield United haven’t announced their next away kit yet but they have unveiled their third kit.

Sometimes less is more.


Just a Spurs kit, isn’t it? And quite possibly Harry Kane’s last.

Away kit TBA.

West Ham United

“Our home kit for the new season features the Club’s traditional claret body with blue sleeves, and includes a special detail on the front of every shirt,” say West Ham.

“The Hammers’ anthem, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, is etched into the fabric of our Club and a distinctive Bubbles pattern is woven through the Anthem Kit, in recognition of its storied role in our heritage.”

We admire the brave decision on the badge. But that just draws more attention to the betting sponsor and it kind of just looks like a Betway shirt.


“The old gold strip features a pin stripe pattern which nods to the historical days of the 1980s and Wolves legends such as Andy Gray, Mel Eves and Kenny Hibbitt.”

If you say so.

Wolves’ third kit of 2020-21 was among their best-selling of all time, so it’s not a massive surprise they’ve recreated it for their 2023-24 away kit.

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