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Newcastle manager Eddie Howe, who has revealed the club are "close" to making their third signing of the January transfer window

As 2022 now draws to a close we’ve looked into each Premier League club and their net spend for the calendar year and it’s fair to say that some have spent way more than others.

The Premier League is the richest league in Europe and with new ownerships coming into the league this year we have never seen it this competitive from a financial standpoint before.

Newcastle have been able to flex their financial muscles for the first time this year as they have completely turned around the fortunes of the club since their takeover last year.

Despite the owner’s wealth, Eddie Howe remains realistic over the rebuild at the club: “We have huge plans and want to go to places with huge ambitions, but the reality of what we are working towards and working with, there is a ceiling because of all the things I have sat here and explained every week – Financial Fair Play, we’re still in a training ground that’s being renovated.

“We’re not living that life that is being discussed. We are living a very different reality. Our wage bill is very controlled. We’re trying to do things in a very stable and controlled way.

“Although we have spent money on players, it has not been extravagant or out of sync with the rest of the Premier League. Everyone has to be careful with their comments and opinions.”

Chelsea under the new ownership of Todd Boehly have been another of the highest spenders in the Premier League as they splashed out on seven new signings in the summer.

Rebuilds have also been underway at Manchester United and Spurs as Erik ten Hag and Antonio Conte are looking to solidify their place in the top four this season.

Arsenal have backed Mikel Arteta with several star signings this year and he is more than repaying the owner’s faith as the Gunners currently sit top of the league.

Liverpool’s biggest deal of the year involved Darwin Nunez who has had an interesting start to his Premier League career to say the least. Perhaps their best business came in January though when they snapped up Luis Diaz for a reported £37.5million.

Despite Manchester City signing the most prolific forward in Europe right now, they actually managed to turn a profit this year due to the sales they sanctioned in the summer.

The sales of Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko covered the costs of Erling Haaland and they also strengthened several other areas of the pitch. Man City’s other accusations this year include Manuel Akanji, Kalvin Phillips, Julian Alvarez and Sergio Gomez.

We’ve gone ahead and crunched the numbers and worked out the Premier League net spend table for the calendar year of 2022, using figures from Transfermarkt.

20. Leicester City – +£57.96m (profit)
19. Brighton – +£56.79m (profit)
18. Manchester City – +£52.56m (profit)
17. Leeds United – £1.75m
16. Everton – £31.23m
15. Bournemouth – £31.45m
14. Fulham – £35.82m
13. Crystal Palace – £37.19m
12. Brentford – £42.21m
11. Liverpool – £50.94m

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10. Aston Villa – £52.2m
9. Southampton – £66.06m
8. Wolves – £76.32m
7. Arsenal – £98.61m
6. Nottingham Forest – £143.47m
5. West Ham – £146.88m
4. Tottenham – £147.85m
3. Manchester United – £196.05m
2. Chelsea – £201.32m
1. Newcastle – £211.31m

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