A club-by-club breakdown of the 2022-23 Premier League prize money

The 2022-23 Premier League season has finally come to an end and clubs will now be receiving prize money based on where they finished in the league.

Using last year’s figures, we have projected how much each Premier League club will be banking this summer. Each place in the table is worth about £2.2million and then clubs will receive further payments through add-ons.

A large sum of the add-ons comes from receiving a share of the broadcast pot which is consistently growing year upon year. The money in the Premier League is unlike any other domestic league in Europe.

Even the three sides who are heading down to the Championship are set to bank over £100million this season. Those clubs will also receive more funds from the Premier League in the form of parachute payments across the next three years.

On the opposite end of the table, Manchester City will be banking over £160million. Pep Guardiola’s side have now won five of the last six league titles and have been a cut above the rest.

Elsewhere, the likes of Arsenal, Newcastle and Manchester United will all be boosted by the return of Champions League football next season.

Those clubs are each set to earn over £150million in prize money based on this season. The lure of European football will also be a great boost to those clubs in the summer transfer window as they look to secure their top targets.

“The challenge when you look at the teams in the Champions League, it’s a brilliant thing to be part of,” Eddie Howe told the club website. “But you don’t just want to experience it, you want to compete.

“I will never give a prediction, but we want to be competitive. We definitely want to enjoy it and take a lot from the experience but, when you’re there and you’re in it, you’re there to try and win. That is always our approach.”

Liverpool and Brighton will be playing in the Europa League next season and while not as glamorous, they also pocketed over £150million in Premier League prize money.

Aston Villa beat Tottenham to seventh place on the final day and so Unai Emery’s men will have their taste of European football next season in the Conference League.

In terms of prize money, Chelsea are expected to take the biggest hit from last season. Going from third to 12th will see them lose over £28million in prize money from what they earned last time.

Based on the amount of money each Premier League club received in prize money last season, we have projected how much they will each be pocketing this time around.

1. Manchester City – £161.3million
2. Arsenal – £159.8million
3. Manchester United – £152.1million
4. Newcastle – £151.7million
5. Liverpool – £151.6million
6. Brighton – £150.2million
7. Aston Villa – £142.1million
8. Tottenham – £134.0million
9. Brentford – £131.5million
10. Fulham – £130.6million
11. Crystal Palace – £128.2million
12. Chelsea – £124.3million
13. Wolves – £123.3million
14. West Ham – £121.0million
15. Bournemouth – £120.4million
16. Nottingham Forest – £116.1million
17. Everton – £113.3million
18. Leicester – £106.1million
19. Leeds – £104.6million
20. Southampton – £100.3million

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