The Premier League table since Southampton appointed Nathan Jones

Southampton have parted company with Nathan Jones following a dismal run of form which currently has the Saints rooted to the bottom of the Premier League.

Jones took charge of a total of 14 matches for Southampton and the pressure was quick to build on the former Luton Town boss.

While he did manage to win five of his 14 matches in charge, only one of those victories came in the Premier League. Southampton have now picked up a mere 15 points from their opening 22 league matches.

They have averaged 0.68 points per game so far and are currently projected to end the season with just 26 points. The Saints have been in the Premier League since 2012-13 but now face the real possibility of relegation.

The final nail in the coffin for Jones proved to be a 2-1 defeat against Wolves. Despite having an extra man for the majority of the match, Southampton crumbled in the second half and lost once again.

Jones was booed off against Wolves which prompted him to walk straight off the pitch. After the match, he told reporters: “I have never done that in my life before.

“In 390 games, I have never done that. But I am not sure if me going round clapping would have shown respect.”

He even suggested that the extra man advantage that Southampton had turned out to be a detriment to his side. He told Sky Sports: “To me the 10 men was to our detriment because it made it a free hit for them in terms of stuff.

“It added more pressure on us and it shouldn’t be like that – we should then control the game.

“We had a second chance and didn’t take it and it seemed to galvanise them, we had a lot of territory, a lot of balls around their box without showing the quality that we needed to win a Premier League game and then they got a bit fortunate, showed one bit of quality and they’ve won the game.”

Southampton will need to get their next managerial appointment spot on as they face a daunting task in the second half of the season to battle for survival.

We’ve gathered the data to showcase what the Premier League table has looked like since Jones took over Southampton on November 10, 2022.

1. Manchester United – 9 games, 20 points, +9GD
2. Brentford – 8 games, 18 points, +10GD
3. Arsenal – 8 games, 17 points, +8GD
4. Fulham – 9 games, 16 points, +5GD
5. Brighton – 8 games, 14 points, +6GD
6. Newcastle – 8 games, 14 points, +5GD
7. Nottingham Forest – 8 games, 14 points, 0GD
8. Manchester City – 8 games, 13 points, +5GD
9. Aston Villa – 7 games, 13 points, +1GD
10. Wolves – 8 games, 13 points, 0GD
11. Tottenham – 9 games, 13 points -2GD
12. Leicester – 8 games, 10 points, 0GD
13. Chelsea – 9 games, 10 points, 0GD
14. Liverpool – 7 games, 10 points, -3GD
15. West Ham – 8 games, 6 points, -5GD
16. Crystal Palace – 9 games, 6 points, -6GD
17. Bournemouth – 8 games, 5 points, -7GD
18. Leeds – 8 games, 4 points, -5GD
19. Everton – 7 games, 4 points, -9GD
20. Southampton – 8 games, 3 points, -10GD

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