Ranking 13 of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s best goals in order of ridiculousness

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Zlatan Ibrahimović has now passed 500 career goals, but it’s not so much the number of goals he scores that make him special as the outrageous way in which he scores them.

Ibrahimović reached the landmark in LA Galaxy’s defeat to Toronto in MLS over the weekend. It was yet another ridiculous finish that proves, even at 36, he can score in ways which appear physically impossible.

Over his illustrious career, he’s built quite a catalogue of absurd goals. And now we’ve ranked just some of his most outrageous ones in order of ridiculousness.

13. Manchester City 

Because this is Zlatan, it looks like a standard goal. Straightforward. Run of the mill.

But wait for the replay and see how high the ball is when Zlatan strikes it; how he twists his body; how he uses the outside of his boot to get it through the crowd and inside the post.

It’s bottom of our list, but a fine example of Zlatan making the extraordinary look ordinary.

12. Anderlecht 

One of four which Ibrahimović scored in a 2012 Champions League group stage game against the Belgian outfit. You’ll definitely have to watch it more than once to work it out.

11. Fiorentina

When coaches tell you to “put your foot through it”, they probably mean something like this.

For Inter Milan, Ibrahimović shows us the devastating consequence of mixing power with accuracy.

10. Marseille 

Ibrahimović gets across the defender man-marking him and bullets the ball into the roof of the net – with the side of his boot, no less.

9. Bologna

Ridiculous rating: 6.25

Ibrahimović has more or less standardised this move to the point of us no longer being surprised when he pulls it off, but at the time, when he was playing for Jose Mourinho’s Inter, it was something never witnessed before.

8. Bastia

Ibrahimović stands tall and lets the ball drop into his midriff. In a move we have now seen several times, he somehow generates enough power to send the ball into the top corner despite facing away from the goal.

7. Anderlecht, again

A disgustingly good strike from distance. We don’t know what’s more ridiculous: the fact Ibrahimović decided to strike the ball first time or the fact he manages to put so much whip on the ball.

6. Benfica

Against Ronald Koeman’s Benfica in a pre-season encounter, eyes turned away from Juventus’ gorgeous kit for a moment as Ibrahimović scored this delightful goal.

The ball isn’t at an ideal place for a strike, but Ibrahimović pulls the trigger regardless and catches the keeper off guard from distance.

5. Italy

Even Gianluigi Buffon didn’t know what to do when Zlatan pulled off a swinging backheel kick in the Euro 2004 group stage match.

4. Roma

The absolute state of this one.

First, Ibrahimović turns the defender on the halfway line with a flick. Then he chases down the ball and shoulder-barges the pursuing defender to the floor.

This is all before the big Swede brings the ball into his control and slams it high past the goalkeeper at his near post.

3. Toronto 

In a match billed as the ‘California Classico’, this wasn’t a bad way for Ibrahimović to score his 500th career goal.

2. NAC Breda

Ibrahimović hit the world stage with this goal.

Its ridiculousness stems from him beating the entire backline – including the same player twice – in such a short space, before coolly slotting the ball into the net and wheeling away in celebration. It’s so good we wrote an entire article about it.

1. England

In a list full of outrageous goals, this must be the most ridiculous of all. It was an overhead kick from 30 yards, FFS.

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