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Ranking every 2023-24 Premier League away kit from worst to best

Twenty teams, 38 gameweeks, way too many exhausting VAR debates and now an infinite number of minutes of injury time can only mean one thing – the Premier League is well and truly back.

We’ve already ranked every single home kit ahead of the 2023-24 season, but away kit territory is where things get extra spicy, with the gloves off and the clamps loosened from a design perspective.

There are some seriously polarising away shirts this season, so prepare to be enraged by our rankings.

20. Burnley

It looks like someone’s thrown it on the floor and then a car has done a burnout on it.

What on earth was the thought process here? Shocker.

19. Newcastle

May as well have written Saudi Arabia across that front of it, or just swapped out the badge entirely. Ninety percent of the way there already.

Very shameless. No thanks.

18. Bournemouth

A brilliant home kit that scored high in our rankings is unfortunately let down by a lacklustre away kit.

We get it, you’re a coastal town by the seaside. Nice. Doesn’t make for a good shirt idea, unfortunately.

17. Fulham

It’s pink. That’s fine. But this is too pink. Like, way too pink.

The Cottagers and Adidas ought to learn the art of subtlety because that’s an eyesore. Incredibly Sunday league.

16. West Ham

Controversial, right?

West Ham’s blank canvas away kit is a brilliant idea and it’s been executed to perfection. Until you twig that the blank canvas design allows for the shirt to essentially serve as a pedestal for Betway. No betting company needs or deserves that extra publicity.

We see what you’ve tried to do, and we don’t like it. If it wasn’t for the sponsor, this would’ve been up towards the very top. Only saving grace is that fans can buy it without the sponsor.

15. Brentford

Massive respect for carrying it over from last season in an age where clubs and manufacturers are desperate to profit everywhere they can.

Unfortunately, it’s rather forgettable. Bland.

14. Luton Town

It’s a slight improvement on their incredibly Coca-Cola League home kit, but it’s still rather Coca-Cola itself.

That faded line screams League Two. We don’t hate it, but it could be better.

13. Sheffield United

Not as strong an effort as their home kit, the Blades have been bold with a bright yellow base but paired it up with a smart-looking collar.

Far from the strongest, but it’ll do. A little more exciting and should look complete with a sponsor.

12. Wolves

They’ve gone a bit Portuguese again despite that era being pretty much over as they stare relegation in the face, but that doesn’t mean the shirt isn’t nice.

Normally we’d say the sponsor needs matching to the rest of the colour scheme, but the white provides a nice relief. A solid effort.

11. Aston Villa

That horrific BK8 sponsor is still there front and centre, but at least it’s slightly less jarring this time with it taking on the claret colour.

And if you can look past it – big if, we know – then the rest of the shirt is rather pleasant. A clean base with a subtle design worked in, hints of claret and a very subtle pop of blue on the neck. Well thought out.

10. Crystal Palace

Kits with a sash are rather marmite, but Palace have mostly nailed it here. Mostly being the keyword.

It still makes the top 10, but the purple Cinch sponsor looks rather awkward on a white, blue and black strip. It sticks out like a sore thumb – which is ultimately what they pay for – but holds back an otherwise very smart shirt.

9. Brighton

One season of De Zerbi-ball and Brighton have gone full Sassuolo. Fair enough. Can’t argue with it.

Joking aside, Brighton have used the green and black before and they’ve brought it back well, here. A combination and a design that suits the Nike template very well. Everything an away kit should be. Sponsor fits in nicely too. Very strong kit.

8. Nottingham Forest

Forest’s first away kit since returning to Adidas treads a very fine line between nice and different to the rest of the division, and the template you’d expect to see in FIFA Pro Clubs.

But it’s yet to fall firmly on either side of the fence, and for that, we can only compliment it. The white and light blue works really well and the loose stripe design isn’t being rocked by anyone else in the Premier League. Seriously clean.

7. Chelsea

One of only two clubs yet to actually confirm their away kit at the time of writing, this feels like a very 2023 Chelsea thing to do, given how chaotic everything feels over there these days.

From the leaked images, though, the signs are really positive. Much better than the home kit, which admittedly isn’t that difficult.

6. Manchester United

Some love it, some absolutely despise it. But most agree that in 30 years’ time, everyone will look back and be wearing it as one of the cool retro kits of yesteryear, as we do with 90’s shirts now.

The sleeves are a little too messy with the stripes, the pinstripe and then the Adidas stripes, but credit where it’s due, they’ve pushed the boat out and tried something different. Looks much better on the pitch, too.

Your dad hates it.

5. Tottenham

Spurs had developed a bit of a reputation for having a somewhat out-there away kit in contrast to their home kit which never seems to change, but they’ve dialled it back a bit this season for a more traditional look. And we love it.

They sit in the same camp as Chelsea, though, having not officially released it yet. Annoying. We’ve all seen it, though, and that ’90s collar on the navy blue base with the white accents is sublime. Incredibly well put together.

Big Ange’s side are ready to cook in it.

4. Arsenal

Similarly to United’s away shirt, Arsenal’s has split opinion completely, but will no doubt become a classic down the line when it resurfaces among a newer generation.

Gunners generally seem to be the ones who dislike it most, but from a neutral perspective, it’s rather silly, very fun and actually looks well put together. Method to the madness. Trust us, Arsenal fans, you’ll find yourselves loving it in time.

3. Liverpool

The Reds’ away kit was met with a lot of resistance upon first release but has since grown on people tremendously.

In terms of taking a vintage design and giving it a modern refresh, it doesn’t get much better than this. Inspired by their quartered design of 1995-96, the brighter colours and digital design make for a seriously fresh look.

If you look for too long, it does start to feel like a white shirt that’s been grass-stained, but we’ll look past it. Nike have nailed it, here. Very good stuff.

2. Manchester City

Annoyingly, PUMA have given the treble winners something else to gloat about, because this is sublime.

The colours are spot on, the design is classy and it feels like a kit fans could rock anywhere and everywhere, for the rest of time.

It’s a bit of a cheat code using the cream and bronze tones, simply because it’s impossible to make a bad-looking shirt when you do, but we’re not going to complain too much.


1. Everton

A surprise package to see off the rest of the competition, Hummel have absolutely smashed it out of the park with Everton’s away shirt.

When we talked about Liverpool taking a vintage design and breathing some fresh, modern air into it, we said it doesn’t get ‘much’ better for a reason – because their local rivals have just about pipped them.

The colours are superb and the design is incredibly audacious, but they’ve nailed it. Fortune favours the brave.

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