Ranking every Championship home shirt for the 2019-20 season

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The Championship is underway, meaning all 24 clubs have released their home shirts ahead of the 2019-20 season – but which is your favourite?

At Planet Football Towers, we individually ranked the 24 shirts ourselves, with each kit then given a point depending on where they came in each ranking – i.e. one point if it was ranked first, two if it was ranked second etc.

We then added up the scores, with the lowest score coming first, and the highest score coming out last. If we’ve still upset you, tweet us at @planetfutebol.

24. Nottingham Forest

Forest’s effort didn’t actually come bottom of anyone’s ranking, but it featured consistently low enough to record the worst average.

23. Sheffield Wednesday

It looks like it’s still loading, and not in a good way.

22. Barnsley

This picture doesn’t do justice to the brickwork effect on the shirt, which makes it much better than the reality.

21. Reading

Have you ever seen a more ‘Reading’ shirt?

20. Brentford

Don’t really have anything interesting to say about this tbh, which sums it up.

19. Cardiff City

We may have marked this down because those jeans are all sorts of wrong.

18. Birmingham City

As high as ninth in one ranking, as low as 23rd in another.

17. Swansea City

Have you ever seen a more ‘Joma’ shirt?

16. Fulham

Plain is not necessarily a bad thing, but this is maybe a bit bland. Like their manager.

15. Wigan Athletic

Green on a kit is meant to work. It doesn’t really here though. This was given one vote of 24th.

14. Leeds United

Leeds may have scrapped that horrendous new badge idea, so instead decided to just ruin their current one by making it far too busy.

13. Bristol City

Speaking of badge redesigned, Bristol City have nailed theirs.

12. Middlesbrough

Another polarising shirt, receiving votes of 20th and fourth.

11. Stoke City

Our resident Leeds supporter tried to get the Whites’ shirt higher than Stoke’s in a pathetic attempt to get one over on our editor. It didn’t work.

10. QPR

Most definitely a QPR shirt.

9. West Brom

Once you look past ‘Ideal Boilers’ this is good.

8. Charlton Athletic

Good shirt. Worthwhile sponsor. Nice one.

7. Preston North End

Looks a bit tight, which might be a problem for the dads.

6. Millwall

Huski Chocolate feels like a classic sponsor from the 90s and we’re well into it.

5. Luton Town

Yes. Lots of yes.

4. Hull City

The ‘tigers, tigers, ra ra ra’ thing can stop but we’re still into this.

3. Huddersfield Town

Probably should have been marked down after the whole Paddy Power thing, but they’ve ended up with a banger nonetheless.

2. Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn were fourth last year with a much nicer shirt, which maybe doesn’t say a great deal about this season’s efforts.

1. Derby County

A perfect score with ones all round. Congrats, Frank Lampard’s Derby County.

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