Ranking every Chelsea home shirt of the Premier League era

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There is only so much you can do with Chelsea‘s all-blue home shirt, but their various kit manufacturers of the Premier League era have certainly done their best to introduce some variety.

We’ve ranked each and every home shirt Chelsea have worn in the Premier League to date.

Note: We actually took a vote on this in 2017, so if you’re unhappy with the order, you’ve only got yourself – or at least your 2017 self – to blame. If you do want to slag us off, tweet @planetfutebol.

21. 1993-95

Between these two seasons, Chelsea changed sponsors from Amiga to Coors. They should have changed that red collar.

20. 2008-09

Chelsea managed to win the FA Cup wearing this, but they also allowed Franco Di Santo to wear the No.9 in it.

19. 1992-93

Exactly how every football shirt from 1992 should look, even down to Glenn Hoddle, David Lee and Tony Cascarino holding the trophy for the Makita Tournament.

18. 2006-08

Templated kit? Check.

Worn for a couple of cup triumphs? Check.

Worn by a couple of unnecessary high-profile signings (Shevchenko, Ballack)? Check.

Successful manager sacked during this period? Check.

Very modern football, this.

17. 2015-16

Something about this season made Jose Mourinho have a meltdown. Maybe he just didn’t like the grandad collar.

16. 1999-01

Very simple, very nice, good collar, good Autoglass sponsorship. Decent.

15. 2009-10

We’re actually quite fond of the zip collar. We’re also very fond of Carlo Ancelotti. The rest of it, less so.

14. 2001-03

We’re happy to go along with whatever Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink thinks about this shirt.

13. 2005-06

Very similar to England’s Umbro kit at the time, except blue and worn by a team which actually won things.

12. 2010-11

Quite a smart effort, but that red trim is like Marmite. Frank Lampard’s face sums it all up.

11. 2019-20

This was certainly different. We quite liked it.

10. 2013-14

6-0 wins over Arsenal and title hope-crushing victories at Anfield. No trophies, though.

9. 1995-97

We can’t help but think this is an Everton shirt.

8. 2018-19

Eden Hazard looks good in any kit, doesn’t he?

7. 1997-99

There was a lot going on at Chelsea during this time, and this shirt reflects that.

6. 2020-21

Take the sponsor off this and it’d be a contender for the No.1 spot. But that 3’s a bit bloody big, isn’t it?

Christian Pulisic

5. 2003-05

It’s all about that neckline for the shirt worn in Claudio Ranieri’s final season and Jose Mourinho’s first as sh*t started to get real.

4. 2011-12



3. 2014-15

Ignore the fact this might be the only time Felipe Luis ever wore this shirt, this is an excellent kit, right?

2. 2016-17

Eden Hazard, Antonio Conte, a Premier League title. Fair f*cks.

1. 2012-13

A Europa League win in a simple, plain blue, round-neck shirt, with gold detail. Frank’s happy, look.

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