Niamh Charles (3 England) dribbling pass Tatiana Pinto (11 Portugal)during the Womens International Friendly football match between England and Portugal at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes, England. v

Ranking every home kit at the 2023 Women’s World Cup from worst to best

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The 2023 Women’s World Cup is finally here and it’s fair to say the World Cup fever is coursing through our veins, especially having seen some of the kits on display at the tournament.

It promises to be a spectacular sporting occasion down in Australia and New Zealand, with a number of seriously talented sides vying to be crowned world champions.

Ultimately, though, none of this matters if you’re playing in an ugly kit. So, with the tournament fast approaching and the fever flowing, we’ve ranked every home kit from worst to best.

32. USA

Paint splatters? Abysmal. Grow up.

31. France

Looks like it’s faded in the wash. Not blue enough. Next.

30. Vietnam

It’s fine, but it’s just a red shirt. Completely devoid of any real thought. Looks a bit like school football kit.

29. Switzerland

Really not sure about the thick, white ring around the neck on this one. Badges are also far too close together up there.

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28. Colombia

It’s yellow and has a rather strange V-neck. Their away kit is much, much better, though.

27. South Africa

Yellow is your home shirt, here. Not a lot to say. It’s yellow.

Expected a little more from Le Coq Sportif.

26. Italy

We’re still not quite used to this whole adidas sponsoring Italy thing. Feels wrong.

The marbling on the strip is a little odd, but it’s far from a complete calamity. Just doesn’t feel very authentic.

25. China

A red base with yellow accents on the cuffs. It’s just a little flat. A kit that falls victim to Nike’s template.

Lacking some spark.

24. Costa Rica

Not the worst, but far from the best.

The badge looks incredibly local five-a-side team and the neck is a little odd.

23. Morocco

What is it with V-neck shirts in 2023?

Good colours, but not the greatest use of them. Do better.

22. Zambia

A decent bit of effort put in, here, and breaks away from the boring template style.

It’s not one that you’re desperate to pick up, but decent.

21. Haiti

Now, we can get behind this.

A red base with hits of blue near the collar, which admittedly feel a little rogue, but are saved by the pattern on the base and the reversed away effort.

Cheeky bonus points as it’s their first World Cup.

20. Panama

Panama will be decked out in a red and blue effort in their home fixtures, which at a glance looks quite basic.

Until you look closely and realise their kits are made by Reebok. In 2023. We are all for that.

19. Netherlands

Orange shirts are almost always fine, and it’s hard to be too critical, but the Netherlands are definitely wearing the wrong shade of their infamous colour.

Must’ve been put in the same washing machine as the France shirt.

18. Germany

The Germans won’t be repping a new or bespoke home strip for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which sucks.

Instead, it’s the same black-striped design that’s been around for a while now. It’s nice, but we needed something fresh.

17. Sweden

Ditto Germany.

Sweden are slightly ahead, though, as their yellow kit is ever so slightly more interesting.

16. Norway

Another Nike template design, Norway’s strip definitely isn’t the most adventurous, but absolutely does the job.

Great colour palette and used sensibly.

15. Ireland

A World Cup debut for the Republic of Ireland, and they’ll be doing it in style.

It’s split opinion, but we rate Castore’s efforts to try and blend modernity with retro callbacks. The pinstripes are classy, and the cuffs tie it together nicely.

14. Spain

It’s a very classic Spain shirt. Brilliant colours, slightly retro feel, and will look brilliant with those blue shorts.

Will look even better when Alexia Putellas is running rings around people in it.

Textbook Spain, and that’s a good thing.

13. Portugal

Feels very 2000s, this. We like it a lot.

It’s a subtle detail, but the white Nike tick gives the shirt another dimension and lifts that template significantly. Very well done.

12. Philippines

On their World Cup debut, the Philippines have come in with a corker.

Red shirt, white pinstripes, navy details. Absolute masterclass.

11. Argentina

A true, textbook Argentina shirt is hard to get wrong. And when it’s right, it’s sublime.

Loses points for being the same design used by the men at the 2022 World Cup, but you can understand why that’s the case.

Florencia Bonsegundo of Argentina Women's National soccer team seen in action during the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Playoff held at the North Harbour Stadium.

10. Brazil

Edging out their historic rivals is Brazil, whose iconic yellow and green simply cannot be ignored.

Expect a masterclass from Marta in her sixth (!) World Cup tournament.

9. Japan

Japan always deliver brilliant kits. This one probably isn’t one of their very best, but it’s still an absolute worldie, which says it all.

Mizuho Sakaguchi, Azusa Iwashimizu, Atsuto Uchida Football/Soccer : Japan women's national team send-off ceremony for FIFA Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 in Tokyo, Japan

8. South Korea

The Nike template at its very best.

That block colouring under the arm sets it apart. Expertly done.

7. England

The Lionesses haven’t bettered the kit they wore as they won the European Championships, but will still be playing in a brilliant strip.

Clean and effective, with hits of blue just giving the shirt some extra life. Would look even better worn while lifting the trophy, we reckon. Just saying.

Katie Zelem (20 England) on the ball during the Womens International Friendly football match between England and Portugal at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes, England.

6. Australia

The host nation will be taking to the pitch in some serious heat.

It’s not enough to win top spot, but Australia’s intricately-designed home shirt is certainly one to put on the shopping list.

5. Nigeria

It’s yet another scorcher from Nigeria, who have refined their style in recent years and are now cooking up beauties like this.

4. Denmark

A modern shirt with subtle hints of Denmark’s most iconic strips of the past.

Some will hate it, but we think it’s the perfect hark back to their history. Sublime effort, Hummel. Bravo.

3. New Zealand

Co-hosting the tournament with Australia, it feels a little too easy putting an all-black shirt in the top three.

But when you consider just how striking New Zealand’s kit is, you can’t not. To make a black shirt pop that much takes some skill. Sensational.

2. Jamaica

It really hurts to not put this one first. Because we can’t really find a fault in it.

Jamaica are in a pretty much perfect kit, here. The only thing pegging it back is that it’s not bespoke for the women’s team, but that’s very nitpicky.

Incredible shirt.

1. Canada

Come on. That’s literally perfect. And bespoke to the women’s side.

No words. Just admire it.

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