Ranking every Liverpool home shirt of the Premier League era

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You know what you’re going to get from a Liverpool shirt – yet they’ve still managed to produce the good, the bad and the ugly.

We’ve ranked each and every home shirt Liverpool have worn in the Premier League to date.

Note: We actually took a vote on this in 2017, so if you’re unhappy with the order, you’ve only got yourself – or at least your 2017 self – to blame. If you do want to slag us off, tweet @planetfutebol.

19. 1993-95

Admittedly it might be Ian Rush’s moustache that’s putting us off this.

18. 2000-02

Even Didi Hamann looks annoyed to be wearing it.

17. 2002-04

A shirt which stinks of El Hadji Diouf and missed opportunities.

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16. 2010-12

This is the first picture we found when searching for this shirt, which is enough to explain why it’s so low.

15. 1995-96

Potentially good, but that collar is insane.

14. 2014-15

There’s really not much positive to say about Steven Gerrard’s last season at the club.

13. 2012-13

Sometimes it’s hard to say anything of note about a plain red polo shirt. Sometimes that’s okay.

12. 2013-14 

Possibly the best of the Warrior Sports era, which is the definition of being damned with faint praise.

11. 2006-08

Templated Champions League final defeats are the worst kind of Champions League final defeats.

10. 2015-16

New Balance were a welcome change from Warrior Sports, but they stayed loyal to recent designs for their first couple of seasons.

9. 2008-10

This shirt looks good to us, but in searching for it we found it was mostly worn by forgettable signings – we’re looking at you, Philip Degan – which seems quite apt.

8. 1996-98

This is good but…what the f*ck is going on with that badge?

7. 1998-00

If it wasn’t for the baggy 90s fit this would be great.

6. 2018-19

There’s going to be a very popular retro range of these shirts with ‘Origi 27’ on the back in 20 years.

5. 2016-17

We have a soft spot for the slight grandad collar on this.

4. 2004-06


3. 2019-20

This is sexy.

2. 2017-18

So much yes. The return of the white v-neck in a simple and slick design. God bless you, New Balance.

1. 1992-93

We just can’t stop looking at that shoulder.

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